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Cody Webb to race GNCC | News

FactoryONE Sherco’s Cody Webb will be racing in the XC2 class at the next round of GNCC racing in South Carolina on May 31.

Cody is racing as a means to test his endurance as well as to cross-train for his next AMA Extreme Enduro race, Tough Like RORR. Cody competed in the Loretta Lynns GNCC race back in 2011, where he finished eighth in XC1. Toby Price also race the 2011 Loretta Lynns GNCC where he finished fourth in XC1 behind Charles Mullins, Kailub Russell and Paul Whibley.

Nevertheless, this will certainly be a big test for Cody whose main focus is highly technical riding through some of the world’s most demanding terrain. Cody will take on the GNCC race on a new Sherco SE-F 250 Factory 4T.

Cody Webb: “I am really excited for the opportunity to race another GNCC. The first one I raced was back in 2011, and it was a double-header weekend at Loretta Lynn’s. It completely kicked my butt, and I am sure the same thing will happen again, but I’m looking forward to the challenge both physically and mentally. With none of my usual races going on, I wanted to utilize my downtime and learn something new. I haven’t raced a 250 four stroke since 2016. I am looking forward to having fun on the smaller bore, allowing me to control the 250, rather than a 450 taking me for a ride. It will be a great and humbling experience, but I can’t turn down a chance to go racing and I can’t wait.”