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ADB Ed Mitch Lees picks up a set of Oztent King Goanna and King Kokoda Chairs to run through summer. Here's what he initially thinks.

This may seem like a strange thing to say but a camping chair for a dirtbike rider is almost an essential piece of kit. It should be in the same group as boots, helmet and goggles … well almost. So we grabbed some Oztent chairs.

The camping chair has so many uses for a drirtbike rider. Not only is it a comfortable place to park your arse to smash some beers after a hard day out smashing the trails  but it’s also perfect for getting changed into your riding gear. We grabbed two of Oztent’s top-of-the-line chairs, the King Goanna and the King Kokoda to compare and see which one is best.

Oztent is an Aussie company (you probably could’ve guessed that by the name) and like we’ve said so many times before, we love supporting Aussie companies because just like us, they call this great country home! And I think for camping gear, it is just as important that the product we’re using is designed by Aussies for our very unique conditions, just like it is important that those wanting local dirtbike content buy ADB.

Both these chairs are pretty similar with Adjustable lumbar support, a heavy-duty steel frame, insulated drink holders, a full padded back and head rest and a tall back so your head doesn’t go swinging off the back but not too tall that it pushes your head awkwardly forward. They’re made from the same material which is proving to be very strong too.

The only major difference is the metal armrests, the way the frame is erected and the load rating. The metal-armed Kokoda can take 150kg while the Goanna can take 200kg. One of our favourite features is actually the pockets in the back and head which are designed for heat packs to keep your back warm when you’re not facing the fire.

We plan on using these chairs all through summer and into winter so stay tuned to see if anything breaks.

Mitch Lees



King Kokoda $189.99

King Goanna $179.99