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REVIEW: Flipped MX KTM Graphics Kit | News

After a few of use, the graphics on my KTM were starting to look a little “how’s ya father” so a new set was called for.

As a full-blown meedja celebrity type I need to look the part and also I was a bit jealous of the flash ADB graphics that the full-time staff sported on their bikes. A quick call to Flipped MX and the required stickers arrived in a very important-looking package that no doubt impressed the postman.

Upon opening it I was a little confused, as the graphics all look to be odd shapes that defy description or recognition but laying them out flat on the workshop floor beside the bike it was soon obvious what went where. This was my first attempt at fitting graphics, apart from the stickers on the beer fridge, so I did a very un-blokey thing and actually read the instructions first … twice.

Removal of the old graphics using a heat gun was simple enough and worked so well that some of them now adorn the wall over the workbench. Next job was to clean up the exposed plastic using Isopropyl alcohol to remove any remaining adhesive. You should be able to get it from your local chemist.

With all the preparation done, the big moment had arrived. Choosing a small piece that went onto a relatively flat surface for my first attempt, in this case the headlight surround, I lined it all up making sure it fitted properly. It did, so I partially removed the backing and applied the graphic as the instructions suggested, discovering that it wasn’t as tricky a job as I’d thought. Flushed with success I moved onto the front guard, then the shrouds and swingarm, leaving the complicated sidecovers to last. They have the most curves and are the hardest to line up.

When the job was finished I stood back to admire my handiwork, and was suitably impressed. All the pieces fitted perfectly, even down to the cut-outs required for bolt holes. All I had to do was trim the tiniest of pieces from one edge with a razor blade due to me not lining it up quite right. The graphics are all made from thick vinyl which should resist wear quite well but as an added bit of insurance the pack included a good sized sheet of clear vinyl to cover those really high-wear areas.

Now the KTM looks brand new again and, with the ADB masthead on the shrouds, I look almost as good as the boss man Mitch when I’m out riding. Warren Jack


BILL $299.99
BLOWER (03) 9191 0021