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REVIEW: LS2 MX470 SUBVERTER | Back End | Features | Product Evaluations

The LS2 helmet certainly turns some heads when you are getting around the tracks. I’m constantly answering questions about it.

I was a little surprised by the helmet when I first pulled it from the box.

The helmet is made with KPA and has a sliding structure with a double injection of EPS to guarantee exceptional protection on impacts. The laser-cut foam liner is hypo-allergenic, breathable, removable and washable.


PAINT JOB This is top shelf. The helmet is bright and stands out. The shell is all kinds of colourful, as is the interior. The helmet looks just as good sitting in the pits as it does going around the track.
PROTECTION I didn’t know a lot about LS2 helmets before taking possession of this one. Before I even put it on my head I did some research to make sure the helmet was top quality. If it was not, it would’ve never made it onto my head, let alone the rigours of racing.
COMFORT There is nothing worse than wearing a helmet that does not fit correctly or one that is uncomfortable. I find the LS2 helmet to fit really well and be very comfortable. The padding is soft and sits really well, but firmly, around my cheeks and forehead. There is no movement in the padding or shell and the helmet stays nice and firm even when I have started to sweat.
VISION Some helmets don’t tend to fit very well with certain types of goggles. They don’t sit well in the helmet which can lead to impaired vision or dirt inside the frame. So far I have worn just about every major brand of goggles in the LS2 and have not had a problem with any not fitting into the LS2 eyeport.


WHITE I’m really clutching at straws here but the only thing I can think to complain about is the white parts of the fabric liner. The liner is comfortable and is easy enough to remove and wash but the white sections that were once glistening are no longer as bright as they once were. I’m sure my wife and a laundry tub full of Nappisan could get the whiteness back but not me.


I have been really happy with the MX470. I’ve found it to be comfortable and to fit really well. It certainly looks the part and while I haven’t actually bounced on my head to test the protection level I feel confident wearing it knowing that if the worst was to happen then my head would be protected. I have been enjoying this helmet so I am not about to hang it up just yet. I will keep wearing it and continue putting it through its paces just to see how long it will go. Tech Ed Mat Boyd

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