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Bigger and Better for the Sunraysia Safari in 2018 | News

The 2018 Sunraysia Safari will be run from Tuesday 7 August to Saturday 11 August and is set to be bigger and better than ever!


Work is underway on this year’s Sunraysia Safari, and the organising team is confident it’s already shaping up to be bigger and better than last year

One of the big changes is a potential relocation of the Event HQ and overnight stop venue. Wenworth Shire have expressed a strong interest in hosting the event but firm plans will be announced in early February.

NEW FOR 2018:

-New Dates and New Format: The 2018 Sunraysia Safari will be run from Tuesday 7 August to Saturday 11 August inclusive. The plan is for competition on the Tuesday afternoon as well this year, making it a four and a half day rally.

-New Course, and New Properties: The course is largely and on new properties or sections of properties not used before. The aim is for around 1500 competitive kms over the 4.5 days.

-New Overnight Stop Setup and Rules: Many of last year’s competitors indcated they’d like a Parc Ferme scenario enforced for 2018 and beyond, where all competitive vehicles remain at the Overnight Stop location (competitors can still elect to stay elsewhere if they choose). So regardless of where we actually base the event, we will be creating a Parc Ferme “Bivouac” style Overnight Stop, where the whole carnival will be in the one place!

-Catering included for All Competitors: Following on from the new Overnight Stop concept, and again going on responses from last year’s survey, catering services will be available for all competitors, and the catering packages will again be available to purchase for Service Crews etc. The entry fees will increase slightly to cover the cost of this, however, many competitors purchased the catering on top of their entry fees last year anyway, so their overall cost is not likely to change much.

-New Classes: Organisers are streamlining many of the existing vehicle classes, removing some altogether, and adding some, including…..

NEW CLASS FOR ADVENTURE BIKES: They’ve decided to create a class specifically to cater for adventure bikes.

ENTRIES WILL BE LIMITED: On the back of the overwhelming success of the inaugural Sunraysia Safari in 2017, organisers will be setting a cap of somewhere between 80-100 overall but this is to be confirmed.

Keep an eye on for updates.