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04 February 2015

2012 KTM 990 R Reader ride

John Murray talks about why he loves his 2012 KTM 990 R. A dirtbike rider since he was 13, the 990 is his first adventure bike.

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01 February 2015

Where to ride NT

Find the location and contact details of your neaest dirtbike club in the Northern Territory.

Bike Reviews
30 January 2015

Dack attack Jacob Wright's 2015 CDR Yamaha YZ450F

Jacob Wright recently signed with CDR (Craig Dack Racing) Yamaha, for the 2015 MX Nationals season. Wright rode with CDR as a guest rider in the closing rounds of the 2014 season and impressed

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29 January 2015

Emergency gasket Tricks of the trade

We show you how to make your own gasket quickly using a plain sheet of gasket paper, if you're in a hurry and don't have time to source the correct one.

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27 January 2015

Factory ride Cody Webb's Beta 300 RR

We look back at Cody Webb's 2014 Beta 300 RR...

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25 January 2015

Sony Action Cam with LCD mount: Product Eval

You’ve heard it all before: there’s a plethora of helmet cams on the market, and they are all great in their own right, but this is the one for you… blah, blah, blah. We know, it gets boring.

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22 January 2015

Topline seatcover: Product Eval

Topline has been producing high quality seat covers since 1992, continuously developing the product over the years as racing has evolved.

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21 January 2015

Set carburettor jets: How to (basic)

Finding the correct jetting is one of the most crucial factors in determining how well or how poorly your bike will run.

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20 January 2015

Rekluse Core EXP Auto Clutch Product Eval

How many times have you tackled a gnarly hill, only to stall halfway to the top? Well the Rekluse Core EXP Auto Clutch can prevent that. But is it really worth it?

Bike Reviews
17 January 2015

Comparo 250cc Two Stroke MX

There still are more two-stroke fans around the world than you can poke a stick at so we sampled the wares of the four manufacturers still producing these bikes for the public, being KTM, Husqvarna, T

Bike Reviews
16 January 2015

Kawasaki’s KLX110 v KLX110L comparo

When it’s time for the kids to step up from a minibike to something bigger, are they ready to master changing gears and using a clutch? Kawasaki offers a couple of options with its KLX110 and KLX110L

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16 January 2015

Leatt C-Frame knee braces Product Eval

After the huge success of their neck braces, Leatt has moved into the knee brace market and has again taken a unique approach to the design of their product.