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How To Change Engine Oil | How To

Changing the engine oil and oil filter on your bike is a task that needs performing regularly to keep the bike in perfect running condition. We show you the steps to get the job done.

Step 1 WARM HER UP: Place the bike on the sidestand and start the engine. Let it run for a few minutes. You want the engine oil to be warm but not enough to scald you when you drain it out. Running the engine thins the oil and allows it to run out easier as well as mixing any contaminates up and allowing them to run out in the oil.


Step 2 DRAIN TRAY: Place a clean oil drain tray under the bike. You want the container to be as clean as possible so you can see if any metal particles come out in the oil.


Step 3 REMOVE PLUG: Undo the sump plug and allow the oil to drain into the tray. Some bikes like this Yamaha have two sump plugs. If you don’t drain both then some dirty oil will stay in the engine. Check your owner’s manual to see how many sump plugs your bike has and where they are.


Step 4 REMOVE CAP: Remove the oil filter cap and discard the old oil filter. Allow the oil to run out and into the waste oil container.


Step 5 CLEAN HOUSING: Use parts cleaner in a spray bottle and spray the inside of the oil filter housing and wipe it out until it is clean and dry. Then clean the oil filter housing with the same method.


Step 6 GO EASY: Grease the O-ring in the oil filter cover and then refit the filter and its cover. Be careful not to over-tighten the bolts. A quarter of a turn is plenty tight enough to keep the cover in place without over-stressing the bolts.


Step 7 REPLACE PLUG: Replace the sump plug, or plugs, then clean off any oil using parts cleaner and wipe it dry with a rag. Make sure to use new copper or aluminium washers on the sump plugs before refitting.


Step 8 POUR AWAY: Use a clean measuring container and fill it with the required amount of oil. This YZ450F takes 1.0 litres of oil. Pour the oil into the bike and refit the filler plug. Make sure to inspect the O-ring on the filler plug for any damage before refitting. If damaged, replace it. Once the filler cap is tightened, start the bike and run for one minute then turn it off and check the oil level. If the level is low, top it up until it reaches the required level.


WARNING If your engine oil comes out burnt and black then it has been in there far too long.

• Old engine oil becomes thin and contaminated.
• Using contaminated oil leads to worn engine parts.
• I recommend changing your engine oil every five operating hours or less if the engine is operating under extreme conditions. If your engine oil comes out burnt and black then it has been in there far too long.

• Replace all sump plug washers with new ones.
• Inspect all O-rings for damage and replace if needed.
• Dispose of old oil filters and oil according to your state laws.
• Use good quality motorcycle-specific oils.

• Re-use any damaged O-rings or washers.
• Over tighten any sump plugs. A quarter of a turn is all that is needed.
• Let any dirt or foreign material fall into the clean oil or oil filter.
• Tip oil down the drain or into the gutter.