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Back End | Product Evaluations
Back End / Product Evaluations
11 December 2019

Ballard's Tyre Changer Full Review

Changing tyres is one of those jobs I’ll avoid at all costs because I’m useless at it.

Back End / Product Evaluations
09 December 2019

Click ’N’ Ride Indicators

Aussie brand Click ’N’ Ride has been around for a while and the concept behind their indicators is an interesting one, especially if you’re sick of busting the stock blinkers every time you ride.

Back End / Product Evaluations
30 November 2019

Metzeler MC360 Tyres Review

There are stacks of tyres to choose from when you ride a dirtbike, with factors such as performance and price always ranking high on a rider’s shopping list.

Back End / Product Evaluations
29 November 2019

Gaerne GX1 Review

I took possession of a set of Gaerne GX1 boots a few months back and have been giving them hell in the bush and on the track.

Back End / Product Evaluations
19 November 2019


Like so many of you, we spend our weekends out in the bush chasing long sections of singletrack through the trees.

Back End / Product Evaluations
15 November 2019

Kustom MX Graphics

I have been using Kustom MX graphic kits on both my Yamaha YZ250 and long-term YZ450F now for over 12 months.

Back End / Product Evaluations
05 November 2019

2020 Bell Moto-9 MIPS Review

I was lucky enough to have a Bell Moto-9 as part of my regular kit for two years but, in the past 12 months, I’ve jumped ships a few times to see if the grass was greener.

Back End / Product Evaluations
05 November 2019

Bridgestone Battlecross E50 Review

The Battlecross E50 is relatively new to our market, having been released in Australia earlier this year, but Bridgestone says it has combined years of off-road technology development.

Back End / Product Evaluations
01 October 2019


Ratchet spanners are excellent for those of us with sausage fingers that struggle to line up the spanner with the hex head.

Back End / Product Evaluations
06 September 2019


I have chewed through a few sets of tyres since getting hold of the Sherco 500SEF and was due for another set after a big week in Alice Springs on the Finke track.

Back End / Product Evaluations
04 September 2019

AXO Drone Review

The AXO Drone motocross boots probably aren’t what you’d expect an ex-pro to be riding in, considering they’re an entry-level boot costing just $189.95.

Back End / Product Evaluations
03 September 2019

REVIEW: Pro Power International two-stroke protection

Dirtbikes are built tougher than woodpecker lips but there are still a few soft spots that can leave you stranded on the trails.