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USED BIKE | 2022 -2023 TRIUMPH TIGER 1200 RALLY PRO | Used Bikes

Before you go and purchase a 2022-2023 Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Pro, read what our Tech Ed recommends to look out for.

The  Triumph Tiger 1200  comes in many models that can range from more road orientated versions to a full dirt/rally version. Seeing as we are a dirt bike magazine and we prefer to spend our time spinning up gravel we will look into the full rally model which is the 2022-2023 Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Pro.

The 2022-2023 Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Pro model comes with a 21 inch front wheel and an 18 inch rear wheel which are far better suited to the dirt than the traditional 17 inch road wheels. It also has 20mm more suspension travel and has six preprogrammed rider modes which allow you to turn off traction control and ABS entirely when you enter the dirt. The three cylinder engine produces nearly 150 horsepower so these things are one hell of a weapon to control in the dirt.

This model also comes with a shift assist or auto blipper for shifting up or down and has a slipper/assist clutch to help slip the clutch in low speed situations. There is a drive shaft so there is absolutely no chain maintenance and the suspension is semi active meaning it can change and tune the compression and rebound dampening as you ride the bike in a rate of 20 milliseconds.

The only regular complaints I get from people about the Triumph Tiger is vibration. Personally I think you get over it pretty quickly but the three cylinder design does cause some vibrations that can be unfamiliar to people not particularly used to a three cylinder Triumph. My only problem with the vibrations is that it can make the rear view mirrors a bit blurry at speed.

The other complaint I see regularly is people who buy this bike to ride around on the road and then complain about the dirt orientated tyres not lasting very long. The 21/18 inch wheel set with a set of dirt orientated tyres is about as good as you can get or gravel roads and in any loose sand and terrain you would come across touring. On the road these tyres will wear quickly so if you are considering one of these bikes to ride to work and back and to the pub on Sundays then stick with the 17 inch wheel option as these tyres will stick to the road better and last longer.  If you are a true offroader and you want to spend little time riding around on the bitumen then the 2022-2023 Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Pro is your bike.

These bikes are still new and they have proved to be mechanically reliable so far. The only thing I have personally heard failing is a few dash displays that have been replaced under warranty. If you are looking at a second hand model then check the service book and make sure it has been serviced correctly by a reputable dealer. Also check it over for any crash damage as that can be costly to repair. Better yet, if you end up with the bike then buy yourself a set of crash bars because the odd tip over in the dirt is likely going to happen eventually.


2022 $31,800

2023 $32,190


2022 $24,600 – $29,250

2023 $25,600 – $30,400


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$29,950 – $30,700

22 – 23 BMW GS 1250

$29,550 – $30,100

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$19,150 – $24,500