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Brayton and Mellross Impress at Australian Supercross Championship Opener at Jimboomba | News

Justin Brayton’s 2017 Australian Supercross Championship title defense got off to the perfect start as he took the win for the 450 (SX1) class at Jimboomba QLD.

The Penrite Honda rider was simply unstoppable, winning the qualifying and heat races to finish in front of Dean Ferris and Daniel Reardon. Hayden Mellross rode to victory in the SX2 (250) class.

A strong crowd was treated to intense racing as the American, Brayton put on a show for the spectators. Brayton would take a strong victory ahead of Ferris with a margin of 5.360s. Ferris (CDR Yamaha Team) and Reardon (MEGA Fuels Monster Energy Kawasaki) would be engaged in a sensational battle and it would be Ferris to come out on top, as he passed Reardon in the mid stages of the race.

Brayton shared after the win; “My Honda 450 was amazing, everything was working well and I felt settled all day. The team worked well together which is a credit to our team manager Jay Foreman as the team is made up of people from all over Australia and the world.”

There were many positives to take from the race for Ferris, after making up for a poor heat race, and pulling back Brayton in the main event, even though he was unable to get close enough to make a pass.

Ferris shared; “I didn’t feel great on the track all afternoon but I was able to get focussed before final and turn things around which was pleasing. It was our first race on the new bike and both Dylan Long and I were right there at the start and it works unbelievably well on the track.”

Over in the SX2 (250) class, DPH Motorsport Yamaha’s Mellross had dominated the opening round of the 2017 Australian SX2 Supercross Championship. Mellross managed to finish in front of Gavin Faith and Mitchell Evans.

“I’m really happy to start the season off like this!” an ecstatic Mellross said. “I felt really good all day on track, and I knew that I would be able to maintain some consistent, strong laps come the final.”

The championship now transitions down to Victoria, as Bacchas Marsh will host the highly anticipated second round. The riders will have a three-week break until they take to the track once again on Saturday, 14 October.

Dean Ferris

SX1 – Final
1 Justin BRAYTON – Best Lap 49.035 (Fastest Lap)
2 Dean FERRIS – Best Lap 49.741
3 Daniel REARDON – Best Lap 49.738
4 Luke CLOUT – Best Lap 49.602
5 Todd WATERS – Best Lap 50.647
6 Nathan CRAWFORD – Best Lap 51.002
7 Dylan LONG – Best Lap 50.464
8 Cheyne BOYD – Best Lap 50.588
9 Joel WIGHTMAN – Best Lap 51.014
10 Kade MOSIG – Best Lap 50.798
11 Daniel HERRLEIN – Best Lap 51.711
12 Jesse DOBSON – Best Lap 51.098
13 Luke WILSON – Best Lap 53.994
14 Nick SCHMIDT – Best Lap 50.778
DNF Matt HAWORTH – Best Lap 54.736

SX2 – Final
1 Hayden MELLROSS – Best Lap 49.919 (Fastest Lap)
2 Gavin FAITH – Best Lap 50.069
3 Mitchell EVANS – Best Lap 50.551
4 Jay WILSON – Best Lap 50.627
5 Wilson TODD – Best Lap 50.400
6 Jackson RICHARDSON – Best Lap 50.533
7 Dylan WILLS – Best Lap 50.842
8 Aaron TANTI – Best Lap 51.175
9 Geran STAPLETON – Best Lap 51.540
10 Callum NORTON – Best Lap 51.924
11 Kyle WEBSTER – Best Lap 51.315
12 Cooper POZNIAK – Best Lap 51.951
13 Taylor POTTER – Best Lap 52.249
14 Dylan WOOD – Best Lap 53.566
15 Connor TIERNEY – Best Lap 52.351
16 Nick SUTHERLAND – Best Lap 53.539
17 Jesse MADDEN 1 – Best Lap 52.788
18 Lochie LATIMER – Best Lap 53.987
19 Jye DICKSON – Best Lap 54.690
20 Jayden RYKERS – Best Lap 52.645