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EMG Caofen F80 Electric bike | News

Sydney Startup EMG releases affordable $8999 Electric Motorcycle range

Sydney-based EMG has launched a range of high-quality, high-powered electric motorcycles starting at a more attractive price than any other brand in its class.  The Caofen range is the first Exclusive brand in an upcoming lineup that will roll out over the coming years that includes the offroad F80 Trail and both the street-legal F-80 Duel-sport and F80 Tarmac variants.

“The EMG Caofen F80 Electric bike represents remarkable quality and performance at a price point very similar to that of 250cc petrol motorcycles which is a first in the Australian marketplace. The F80 high-quality lightweight frame is built of Aircraft grade material and is a weldless frame.  With a push of the start button, the F80 comes alive in 3 variants. The Off road F80 Trail, The road legal version being the Dual sport through to street legal urban F80 Tarmac so the range will appeal to a far wider audience and age demographic, ”The EMG Caofen F80 Electric bike range starts at just $8999 to $11,000 for a high-quality feature-rich futuristic design with an excellent range of up to 160 Km and a 0-90 top speed in under 5 seconds!” says CEO Garth Bingley-Pullin

E-bikes sales have increased significantly over the last 6 years yet, Electric Motorcycles have yet to find a similar market due to cost versus value and that wow factor. EMG business model is focused on disrupting this market, adding value, and changing how we commute and interact with our environment whilst offering cool, well-designed, and practical vehicles.

“With just a 2-hour charge time from your standard household 240v wall socket, the F80 provides up to 160 Klms range on a single charge with our largest battery option. The F80 features a patent thermal management immersed system ™ that provides maintenance-free oil cooling to maintain peak battery health and performance providing far superior battery life.  At just $1 per charge, most people can commute all week on just 1 or 2 charges. With the cost of living and petrol increasing this is going to add significant value to our customers’ lives whilst being a lot of fun in the process. The F80 is no slouch either, with a top speed of 90 Kph that happens in just 4.9 seconds, The F80 Tarmac or Dual sports is perfect for urban commuting and off-road adventures.

“Everyone knows that Electric Motorcycles are near silent but how does this benefit you in the real world? Early morning starts help keep you popular with your neighbors and we are seeing strong early demand from the farming sector for this reason too. We have seen from the Dirtbike community that providing the choice of going Electric means that a lot of Circuit tracks that are at risk of closure or are restricted to operating in limited hours are now able to start solving this issue which is great for the community and industry too”

And there are no expensive servicing like oil, spark plugs, or engine maintenance required to service, the F80 really works out cheaper than a petrol bike.

EMG operates both a Direct-to-consumer model and a growing traditional dealer model that allows you to configure and personalize your bike online to your specification. The factory will build and deliver your bike to your door or regional dealer location. EMG is currently signing up regional and central dealers to cover most of the key location in Australia.

Ride the future now with EMG

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