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Traction control and updated suspension makes the 2023 Beta RR430 an easy-to-get-along-with all-round trailbike.

There isn’t a huge number of new things going on with the 2023 Beta RR430 but Beta have made some updates. Let’s start with the motor. First of all, Beta have added traction control to all the four-stroke range. It’s not a totally new thing for the brand as it was first put onto the 22 Beta racing models but this is the first time, we have seen it on the RR bikes.

It’s tucked away nicely up on the frame in front of the fuel tank along with the rain map and a sun map. Beta has had both for ages but now with the addition of traction control, we have four different options for power delivery. The four-strokes also now have a longer header pipe which is said to increase bottom to mid-power delivery. Finally the updated engine mapping works in conjunction with the traction control and the new header to offer a broader and more useable motor package for the rider.

Chassis-wise, the 2023 Beta RR430 comes with updated ZF forks that are said to give the rider more control and more comfort with the front end. They also come with an updated radiator shroud design that makes the bike incredibly small between the knees. Lastly, there is a new all-red colour scheme for the 23 models which looks pretty fast and differs from the blue/red colours of the Racing range.


Immediately once you start the 2023 Beta RR430 and take off down the trails, you discover just how easy this bike is to ride. Second or third gear, it doesn’t matter, it will happily chug along with ease and it’s quiet too so that makes it even more pleasant to be on. The tracks we were riding were a good mixture of fast, flowing stuff with a little bit of single line technical parts as well and conditions were pretty good. As I clicked off the laps, getting to know the track and the bike, I found myself just out there smiling and enjoying the scenery.

I really like the smooth and tractable nature of the motor on this bike. It’s quite confidence inspiring and I think even an offroad newby could handle this bike no problem. Not once during any of my laps did I find the RR430 was too much for me to handle, it’s just that easy to ride.

I have always wondered why Beta would produce a 430 compared to the more commonly sized 450 machines and once you spend a bit of time on it, you realise that 430 is plenty of power underneath you and having a little bit less weight to go with it is awesome. Obviously, it’s a little underpowered when riding back-to-back against a 450, but the weight savings and difference in the inertia of the 430 make it easier to ride and benefit the rider more. I really noticed that on sections of our loop with elevation. It’s kind of crazy to think that having 20cc less of weight and rotating mass would make the bike feel that much lighter than a 450 but I noticed it a lot on our loop especially braking down the hills. It was a lot easier to pull up for the corners and I felt more in control during the middle of the corner because of it.

The 430 does have plenty of power don’t get me wrong, but like I said it’s very manageable and as a result, I didn’t seem to ever get out of shape or have any big moments. It feels quite light between the legs as well and the new, slimmer tank/shroud design is noticeable especially in the tighter trails. If you crave a little bit more excitement out of the Beta RR430, it’ll happily rev out and become a bit more of an animal but I reckon you get the most out of this bike when you’re riding it in the meat of the power and short shifting between the gears.


Unlike the Beta Racing models which have been fitted with KYB forks and shock for 2023, the RR bikes come with ZF units front and back. The ZF 48mm open chamber forks have always been a little bit of a weak spot in the RR line-up in my eyes but over the years, Beta have developed and updated them and now in their third generation, they might just be the best version ever. The problem that I have faced in the past with the ZF forks is that they dived quickly under brakes and gave the bike an unbalanced and unsettled feeling.

Well, thankfully, for 2023, Beta has given the ZF forks another update and they are indeed the best version of ZF forks I have ridden. They are still softer than I would like when pushing hard, but when I was out just riding and enjoying myself, I found the forks to be plush enough to handle the small chop but also, they held up enough to keep a good, flowing pace going. The new fork setting is now a lot more balanced with the rear shock and the bike feels a lot more planted and more confidence inspiring to ride. The on-the-fly preload adjuster on the top of the forks is a good idea and I gave it a few cranks down to give me a bit more support up front.

The bike is a traction machine on the trails too. Combine the smooth power delivery with the easy-going suspension and you’ve got yourself a bike that gets good grip in just about every situation. I tried to do a power slide out of an easy-going flat turn for some photos and it was almost impossible to do so. Mitch kept saying “more slide!” and I kept replying with “I can’t, too much grip.”

Through the acceleration bumps, it gets great drive and I found that, just like the motor, there is a sweet spot in that second/third/fourth gear range in the meat of the power in which the suspension responds well and handles awesome.


I enjoyed being out on the 2023 Beta RR430 a lot. I just found it to be a bike that is super easy to get along with and I think that if you are someone who is getting back into riding or someone who is looking for a bike that is kind of an all-rounder or maybe just a change in scenery, then the RR430 could be right up your alley.

The only complaint I have about the bike really is the ridiculously hard seat which I just don’t know how they have got so wrong! Other than that, the Beta RR430 is a super fun, easy to ride piece of gear. Its motor is super friendly and will happily go wherever you want and the ZF suspension for 2023 is easily the best ZF stuff that’s come out on the Beta’s. Big thanks to Beta Australia for the opportunity to ride the bike, I appreciate it.

2023 BETA RR430


Type                           Single- cylinder four-stroke DOHC

Displacement            430.9cc

Bore & Stroke           95mm x 60.8mm

Cooling                      Liquid-cooled

Compression ratio   12.33:1

Fuel metering           Synerject dual electronic injection

Tank capacity            9L plus 2.3 reserve

Transmission            Six speed

Clutch                         Wet multi-disc clutch


Wheelbase                1490mm

Seat height                940mm

Ground clearance    320mm

Claimed Weight        108.5kg dry


FRONT                      48mm Hydraulic USD Fork 295mm travel

REAR                         Monoshock with progressive compound lever 290mm travel


Front                           Wave disc ø260 mm and double-piston floating caliper

Rear                           Wave disc ø240 mm and single-piston floating caliper


Handlebar                 NA

Front tyre                   90/90 – 21

Rear tyre                   18 x 2.15


RRP $13,695