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REVIEW: GAERNE GX1 BOOTS | Back End | News | Product Evaluations

The GX1 is the latest entry-level off-road boot from Gaerne and is available in five colourways.

The GX1 is made in Italy from great materials with the emphasis on style, protection and performance. The structural support consists of two lugs that slide inside pockets, avoiding front and rear over-extension while still providing flex forwards and backwards.

On the upper side is stamped suede, offering grip and heat resistance. The buckle system consists of four replaceable alloy buckles for fast and easy closure. By removing the top two buckles it is possible to make the opening wide enough to accommodate a bigger leg or kneebrace. On the bottom of the boot is an exclusive rubber compound to give durability and grip.

I had been wearing Gaerne SG-12 boots, which I had not thought of replacing until I was asked to test the GX-1s. I had been very happy with my previous Gaernes so I am keen to see if these new boots will stand up to the abuse that my old boots did. Initially I noticed the quality of the boot as well as a lot of features which have been carried across.

The first time I wore them I thought they were very comfortable and I also noticed that they did not take as much time to break-in as the SG-12s. First impressions have been good but I will be thoroughly disappointed if they don’t meet the expectations I have for a quality Italian boot like Gaernes. Give me a few months to put them to the test and I’ll give you a sure answer. Mat Boyd


BILL: $399.95
BLOWER: (02) 8882 1900