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PRODUCT TEST | TCX COMP EVO 2 BOOTS | Product Evaluations

ADB's Tech Editor Mat Boyd has grabbed a set of TCX Comp Eco 2 boots so we asked him what his initial thoughts were.

TCX began in 1999 when the first motorcycle boot was launched with the patent TCS (Torsion Control System). This system allows for controlled and natural movement of the foot along the longitudinal and lateral axis while still protecting the ankle from possible trauma. With now more than 20 years of experience researching, developing, testing and evolving motorcycle boots, they have come up with the TCX Comp Evo 2 Boots.

We have been lucky enough to land a set of TCX Comp Evo 2 Boots to test after having loved the TCX boots we’ve tested in the past. Right away the boots look the part as soon as you remove them from the box. The boots have four nice big solid aluminium buckles that are easy enough to adjust. The internal section of the boot wraps around your calve and Velcro’s into place while the outer hard protective section then buckles up to protect your ankle and calves.

The boots have nice solid pads to protect from shifter wear and on the internal side of the boots is a layer of rubber to help grip the bike. These boots come with the patented Anti-torsion Double Flex Control System (DFC), to reduce the risk of overextension of the ankle joint. These boots immediately felt comfortable on the feet due to the internal padding and breaking them in was easy.

The sole is a Michelin Hybrid MX rubber outsole which is bonded onto the boot but can be replaced when worn. In the sole is a metal plate to help protect the foot from impact and the tread on the sole is designed to give grip for both Motocross and Enduro riders. We are going to give these boots hours of torture to see just how well they hold up so keep a look out for a full review in the coming months.



RRP: $649.95