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Check out this epic off road race track for all kinds of wheels! This is the ultimate Finke training ground if you live in South Australia.

How’s this for DIY, South Australian farmer Ben McNamara has built a 60-kilometre circuit for off-road racing on his farm! McNamara turned a section of his property, located between Tumby Bay and Port Lincoln, into a 60-kilometre dirt circuit in just under a year. The main aim was to build somewhere safe to drive his side-by-side and dirtbike and to practice on a track that’s a little bit similar to the Finke Desert race track where he wants to enter as a participant.

After seeing how epic the track he built was, McNamara then hosted the Jamalka Off Road race on the track with side-by-sides and dirtbikes coming from all corners of the country to take part. The event was a massive hit because there isn’t a complex like it for hundreds of kilometres. Spectators were able to camp out on the property for the weekend and McNamara organised for catering to be brought in.

The main part of the property is used for cropping and as a feedlot with just a small portion of land set aside for the race track. McNamara used the existing fences and designated roads as part of the track to ensure it was compliant with local government. At this stage there aren’t many facilities on the site but McNamara isn’t one to sit still and is keen to grow the complex and improve it.

McNamara has just announced another event to take place on the track so make sure you get there to check it out. It’s called the Jamalka Off Road Racing 360 event and it is happening from Friday to Saturday, 1-3 March, 2024.

McNamara is keen to run the Jamalka Off Road race again next year and is already planning on going bigger and better. If you want to get onto the Jamalka Off Road race track before the next big event, you might just have to buddy up with Ben and beg him to open the gates. If not, then don’t miss the event next year, it’s sure to be even better!


  • Finke-spec track
  • Only thing like it on the Eyre Peninsula
  • Touristy spot of South Australia
  • Track prepped to perfection
  • Great for high-speed action


720 White River Road, Tumby Bay, SA, Australia, 5605


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