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Gillman to Host 2019 KTM AJMX | News

The 2019 KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championship (AJMX) will be hosted by the Motocross Riders Association at the Gillman Motocross Track in Gillman, South Australia (SA).

With multiple State Championships under their belt over the past 10 years, the Motocross Riders Association will no doubt deliver an exceptional Championship and an event to remember. The dates have also been locked in, taking place September 28 – October 5, 2019.

Located 12 kilometres from the Adelaide CBD and a short drive to the airport, the Gillman Motocross Track is ideally situated for the AJMX and as event promoter Mark Walmsley highlighted, this event should generate a large crowd.

“I’m ecstatic to bring AJMX back to SA again,” Walmsley said. “We’re going to make it huge and make it the best one in Australia from the last five years. Although it’s getting to a warmer time of year, we can handle it. We’ve got enough water and machinery to deal with the weather.

“We ran a state title a few weeks ago and did a lot of radio advertising and got great spectator numbers. I think the numbers will be huge for a national title like AJMX. If we can get kids there, maybe we can get more people on the track, especially because the Juniors are the future of the sport.”

The AJMX is the apex of Junior Motocross racing in Australia and MA is excited to collaborate with the Motocross Riders Association to showcase our homegrown junior talent in this national title!