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LONG TERM TEST | BETA RR390 RACING #5 | Back End | Bike Reviews

My final ride on the 2023 Beta RR390 Racing was so damn good I didn’t want to give it back! but all good things must come to an end.

About a year ago a mate told me about an enduro special test loop he created. He gave me a vague description of where it was so recently I decided it was time to go and check it out. I knew my time with the 2023 Beta RR390 Racing was coming to an end and I desperately wanted to get out in the bush to give the bike a thorough ride in an environment that is was built for.

Early Sunday morning we parked the van and suited up. Not knowing exactly where this track was resulted in some easy riding on open trails for a few kilometers before the bush tightened up. We weaved through a heavily over-grown track and then it appeared. I spotted a single trail off to the right. We had found the gold at the end of the rainbow.

We followed this single track up and down gullies and through thick bush. It was all second gear going except for two sections where I clicked up to third. You could tell a an expert-level rider had made this track because it flowed so well and there we some acceleration and braking bumps forming on the exit and entry to the corners. There were only two fallen trees across the track which made for some moderately concentrated effort to get over but it was all good fun.

After an easy lap to get familiar we decided to up the pace and get into it. This is where I discovered that everything I thought about this RR390 Racing was validated. Bloody hell I had a good time.

The 2023 Beta RR390 Racing is the best enduro engine I have ever used. It is just so easy to operate which makes me enjoy my riding even more. I have not used the traction control or the rain map for months now, however, I love what both functions offer.

The KYB suspension is very good and very tunable with loads of scope for adjustment which means you can find a setup for any application at the turn of a screwdriver. The only adjustment I would have made for this track is perhaps winding on a little more shock preload but that is if I was to be fussy. I love this suspension.

The bike turns sharp, stays straight when I need it to and I never had any scary moments where I felt the bike was trying to spit me off or eject me. I set the fork and shock fairly soft to soak up all the small stuff, yet it held up on motocross tracks and I never experienced any harsh bottoming and never experienced any wallowing. The suspension and frame package is first-rate.

The front brake on 2023 Beta RR 390 Racing remains a standout. In fact, the front brake on my RR350 last year was a ripper too, so I guess it is safe to say Beta have the braking duties dialed. The braking is very strong but offers plenty of feel which makes it effective and usable.

The only two things to wear out or fail was the right-hand radiator shroud sticker that came off on my ride pants and the side-stand securing rubber broke when my book-headed mate stomped down on the side-stand with he rubber still connected.

I am grateful to have had some quality time with this bike and I urge any enduro or trail rider to take the opportunity to test ride an RR390 Racing.

2023 BETA RR390 Racing

RRP $16,295


Six months parts and labour


Beta Motorcycles Australia






Oil and filter change



For the full feature, check out issue #533 of ADB.