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Motorcycling Australia Revises Tear-Off Ban | Latest

Motorcycling Australia has revised its tear-off ban to conditionally allow for the use of tear-offs at the discretion of the Track Licensee.

Motorcycling Australia stated;

As of January 01 2017, the ban on the use of tear-offs in all Australian off-road competition has been in full effect. However, Motorcycling Australia (MA) wishes to announce that the rule has now been modified slightly at the discretion of Track Licensee’s to be aligned with their Environmental Plan.

The focus of the rule amendment relates specifically to Motocross and Supercross tracks, (including off-road disciplines that utilise the same venues) to conditionally allow for the use of tear-offs at the discretion of the Track Licensee. It is important to note that the tear-off ban is still in place and will remain so; however, this change will allow for circumstances where roll-offs are not a practical option.

By including the new condition to the track/venue Environmental Plan and event Supplementary Regulations, competitors (and the host club) will understand what is expected of them in regards to looking after the track and surrounding environment.

It is crucial for the longevity of off-road sport worldwide that environmental concerns regarding tear-offs are taken seriously and are continually addressed. By allowing an exemption to the rule, MA is holding those involved accountable for their use. It is at the discretion of the Track Licensee whether or not they apply for the exemption, and whether they think it appropriate for the exemption to be kept in place.

Supercross events held on temporary tracks are automatically exempt due to the extensive clean-up already required post-event, with the tearing down the track, filtering soil and cleaning litter.

Licensee’s should contact their relevant State Controlling Body (SCB) for further information on how to apply for the exemption.