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NEW PRODUCT: Renthal R-Works Fatbar36 | News

Renthal has employed its 50+ years of experience in handlebar design, testing and racing to develop the R-Works Fatbar36 the ultimate in lightweight motocross handlebars.

Renthal’s 36Tech™ handlebar standard and proprietary Zarilium ® material to give a high strength handlebar at the lowest possible weight. The R-Works Fatbar®36 is 36% lighter than Renthal standard 28mm diameter Fatbar.

36TECH™ – Advanced Technology
36TECH™ is a new handlebar standard developed by Renthal to push forward the boundaries of handlebar technology. The 36mm clamping diameter tapers down to a conventional 22mm control section at each end, using advanced wall geometry, maximising material efficiencies in wall thickness along the entire length of the handlebar to reduce weight.

New Material – 20% Stronger
Zarilium® is a new aluminium alloy exclusive to Renthal. This new alloy has 20% greater ultimate tensile strength while maintaining the same elongation properties. This additional strength has allowed Renthal to achieve the maximum weight reduction possible whilst matching the best in class strength of the Renthal® 28mm diameter Fatbar®.

The R-Works® badge represents uncompromising performance. It means Renthal has selected the ultimate materials and manufacturing processes at its disposal to bring its customers the very best performance product. A fraction of a second. A few grams. A couple of millimeters. It all counts.

What is the R-Works Fatbar36?
The R-Works Fatbar36 is the ultimate in lightweight motocross handlebars. Utilizing Renthal’s 36Tech™ handlebar standard and proprietary Zarilium™ material to give a high strength handlebar at the lowest possible weight. The R-Works Fatbar36 is 36% lighter than the standard 28mm diameter Fatbar.

How does the strength of R-Works Fatbar36 compare with the existing 28mm Fatbar?
The strength is the same as Renthal’s existing Fatbar. Renthal has used the 36Tech™ and Zarilium® to maintain strength while reducing weight. Thus during a crash, Fatbar36 will react in the same fashion as the current Fatbar28 when a rider experiences a serious crash.

Will the handlebars give the same ride feel?
According to Renthal, it has the same strength and flex characteristics as the current Fatbar 28mm handlebars. The difference is the reduced weight.

Will the standard controls fit?
Yes, the handlebar tapers down to 22mm at each end, so works with standard controls.

Will the R-Works Fatbar36 need different clamps?
Yes, 36Tech™ is a new clamping standard of 36mm and neither 22mm nor 28mm clamps will work with this handlebar. Renthal will offer a range of bar mounts to allow you to fit the handlebars to your original triple clamps.

Available from April
R-Works Fatbar36 RRP: $369.95
36TECH bar mounts RRP: $129.95