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ADB reader Brock Lloyd upgrades from a carb to TBI after an injury enforced lay-off. Here’s what he thinks of his 2024 KTM 300 EXC TBI.

WHY DID YOU BUY IT? I spent a year off of the bike after breaking my femur and wrist on the sand dunes in 2022. I felt like I deserved a new bike after 12 months of rehab and I didn’t really even consider other brands. This is my third KTM and the other two both had over 300 hours without a break down and plenty of MXstore orders to keep them working. It sounded like KTM has sorted the TBI for the 2024 KTM 300 EXC TBI so it was a no-brainer and I couldn’t go past the PDS suspension.

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO IT? All I have done is try to keep it looking fresh and keep it safe from me. All my mods are protection gear such as the P-Tech pipe guard. The Force disc guards front and rear are swapped straight over from my MY18 and the Zeta handguard mounts paired with wrap around Barkbusters have kept my levers unbroken for years now.

Between them I fit an E-Trex GPS making sure I always make it home.

The sticker kit is from Rival Ink with a few cheeky sponsors including TAC (Transport Accident Commission) after they helped me get me back on my feet. They deserved a shout out and also my wife’s business Touch Body Soul, massive thanks to her for letting me continue to ride. The motor and suspension hasn’t been touched and I don’t think I will want to change it yet. For Wildwood Rock I slapped a soft nitro mousse in the rear wrapped with Mitas super soft terra force.

HOW DOES IT GO? Out of the box I just felt at home. I jumped off a 2018 300 EXC carby model and straight away I felt at home. It took about 30 minutes and I was hitting logs and rock sections like I had done 300 hours on it. One thing I forgot was how good new brakes are, they caught me off guard a few times.

The power never feels like it wants to bite me or rip my arms off. It pulls from the bottom and never hesitates. The power is so predictable. It doesn’t have the same two-stroke power band feel of the carbie bike, it feels super linear. I’m not saying that in a bad way it’s just so rideable.

Suspension wise, I’m 100kgs and I haven’t change springs to suit my weight but it’s handling everything I can throw at it. Once I hit 50 hours I’ll take it to Onpoint Suspension and let him go over it for me.

WOULD YOU RECOMMEND BUYING ONE? Yes, the TBI is sorted. I have let all the boys take it for a burn. It’s that good that my TM Italian fan boy mate almost put his bike on the market that night after riding it, and now is throwing cash at his TM to get it to behave like his old KTMs. He won’t admit it but he wants one.

Back to the KTM I know there’s cheaper bikes out there, all built at the same factory but there’s nothing like PDS to make you feel like a pro and there’s nothing funnier than when your mates linkage gets him hung up on a big log.


2024 KTM 300 EXC TBI


Brock Lloyd


Boltons KTM Kyneton


They hooked me up. Tell them Brock sent you


1) After five surgeries I have more aftermarket titanium parts than my bike.

2) My wife has banned me from 6th gear and sand dunes.

3) I stupidly entered Silver at Wildwood with only 12 hours on my new bike.

4) The P-Tech pipe guard kept the pipe perfect even after two laps of Wildwood.

5) Please follow my Youtube and Tik Tok (I never work the weekends.) I don’t want to work anymore