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Removing a difficult broken bolt Tricks of the trade | Back End | Tricks of the Trade

Removing a broken bolt can be difficult but when you happen to snap an Ezy-out inside the bolt it becomes an even harder job to rectify the issue.

Removing a difficult broken bolt

The trick is to grind away the bolt and Ezy-out bolt remover using a small ‘pencil die’ grinder. The Ezy-out cannot be drilled as it is too hard.

The only way to remove it is grind your way through it.

It is a slow process but the only way to get it out.


Step 1:


Firstly make a centre punch mark in the centre of the bolt and drill a hole up the middle of the bolt.

Drill it all the way through, being careful not to drill out the side of the bolt and into the thread.

Step 2:


Spray plenty of lubricant up the inside of the bolt and let it soak for a few minutes to lubricate the thread and make the bolt easier to remove.

Step 3:


Fit an Ezy-out into the broken bolt and try to remove the bolt. Don’t be too heavy handed or the Ezy-out will snap.

Step 4:


If the Ezy-out does snap, get out the pencil die grinder and, using a small tip, and plenty of WD40 to lubricate the tip, grind your way through the broken Ezy-out. The Ezy-out is too hard to drill so the only way through it is to grind it out. This can be a slow, delicate process.

(Once the Ezy-out has snapped, do not try to drill it out as it is too hard and can snap the drill bit. The last thing you need on top of a broken Ezy-out stuck in the bolt is a snapped drill but as well.)

Step 5:


Once you have ground your way through the Ezy-out, continue to grind out most of the bolt and then, using a tap and WD40, recut the thread to remove any of the remnants of the old bolt.

Then replace the bolt and tighten back into place.


Whenever drilling or tapping threads always use something such as WD40 for lubricant and wear eye protection.