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Riders ready for European FMX Championships Finale | News

On May 21st, 2016 the NIGHT of the JUMPs will return to Mannheim's SAP Arena bringing together the best riders competing for the final points in the championship.

On May 21st, 2016 the NIGHT of the JUMPs will return to Mannheim’s SAP Arena bringing together the best riders competing for the final points in the championship. The audience will be treated to the largest course ever built inside the SAP Arena with two Quarter Pipes to enable the riders to perform either the 540 Flair or the Transfer Egg Roll.

10 of the world’s best FMX riders from six nations will compete for the final points in the FIM European Freestyle Motocross Championships to determine the new 2016 FIM European FMX Champion.

The riders with the best chance of claiming the title are Maikel Melero (ESP) and Remi Bizouard (FRA). Currently the Frenchman is a close six points behind the Spaniard.

Considering Melero has won 10 of the last 11 NIGHT of the JUMPs contests, it should be a clear result. However, the little Spaniard stumbled at the last European Championship round in Munich and fell on the Egg Roll and ended in sixth place. Should Melero repeat a problem in Mannheim and Bizouard wins, then the three-time World Champion would intercept the Spaniard for the Championship. And as a former European Champion, Remi will be wanting to reclaim the title.

Also looking to score valuable points will be the 18 year old German, Luc Ackermann who was the runner up to the European Championships last year. Coming with his 540 Flair, California Roll, Open Loop flip and Surfer Take Off Tsunami Flip, he will want to jump back on the podium. Currently he is in fourth position, tied with the Australian Rob Adelberg, who will not be in Mannheim. So he should clear Adelberg’s position, however he will have to look more closely at the Czech rider and reigning

European Champion, Petr Pilat, who is only 6 points behind the German. So there will also be a battle on for the bronze medal in the European Championships.

Australian riders Steve Sommerfeld and Pat Bowden will also want to improve their positions in the final of the European Championship. Pat Bowden will battle for a podium battle with his Double Grab Flip, Ruler Flip and California Roll, while Steve Sommerfeld will be looking to make his first appearance in the NIGHT of the JUMPs final 6.

Reigning World Champion in the Maxxis Highest Air, Jose “El Loco” Miralles will be in for a tough battle at the next round in Mannheim! Former World Champion in Highest Air, Massimo Bianconcini will return from missing the last round and Luc Ackermann will put it all on the line for victory. The Spaniard will also be lining up for the European Championship Freestyle run.

Brice Izzo (FRA), Leonardo Fini (ITA) and Marc Pinyol (ESP) will complete the field of riders at the SAP Arena. Izzo can hopefully bring his Flair to Mannheim after having an awkward crash in Munich. The Frenchman was also the first rider to land the Egg Roll at NIGHT of the JUMPs. The Italian, Fini, will be looking to make a name for himself with his new California Roll and some big flip tricks, while Pinyol will hopefully bring his Inside-Roll, a body varial which no one else in the world can do.

Since 2006, the NIGHT of the JUMPs have been welcome in Mannheim. Every two years in May, 10,000 visitors will make their way to SAP Arena to watch the world’s best FMX riders fly near the roof of the arena with the biggest tricks in the sport of Freestyle MX.