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Yamaha introduces 2019 Cross Country models | News

Yamaha has lifted the covers off its 2019 cross country range headed by the competition-focused YZ450FX and includes the return of the YZ250FX, and YZ250X.

The 2019 YZ450FX utilizes an all-new engine design that features a new cylinder head, piston, cam shaft profiles, cylinder geometry and more. Its bilateral beam frame is all-new with an optimized engine mounting position to improve the machine’s rigidity balance.

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World’s First Production Power Tuner App

The 2019 YZ450FX is the world’s first production Cross Country bike with a wireless smartphone based engine tuner. The new Yamaha Power Tuner iOS® and Android® App and communication control unit connects the rider with the bike like never before. The Yamaha Power Tuner App can make fuel and ignition mapping changes – uploaded wirelessly to the bike via the onboard Wi-Fi system – for the ultimate in track-side tuning. A “Log” function allows you to make notes about your riding location, conditions, bike settings and more, giving you a baseline for future rides. The app can also monitor a range of information such as RPM, throttle position, engine coolant temperature and more. There is also a maintenance function with customizable trip meters to monitor run times for a selection of components.

The Yamaha Power Tuner App, which was first released with the 2018 YZ450F, makes it possible to modify engine mapping in greater detail than previously possible. It also allows users to share settings among their team or with friends (along with other information) thus evolving the system into a tool that facilitates group communication.

Updated Electric Start

Utilizing a more compact starter motor with revised positioning and an ultra-lightweight lithium-ion battery, the 2019 YZ450FX brings the weight of the electric start system closer to the bike’s center of mass for a lighter feel and quicker handling. Powered by a high-capacity and ultra-lightweight lithium-ion battery, the system is lighter than ever.

Dual-Mode Switchable Engine Mapping

Two-mode adjustable engine mapping allows the rider to adjust engine character with the push of a button, making it easy to tune the YZ450FX for changing terrain or weather conditions.

New Engine

For 2019, Yamaha has refined its distinct rearward-slanted cylinder design for the YZ450FX engine – complete with a rear exhaust and forward-mounted downdraft intake system. The all-new cylinder head features a more upright slant to work with the bike’s updated frame for optimized front weight distribution. Inside, the engine features new cam shaft profiles, a new crankshaft, a high-compression “box bridge” piston design with a DLC-coated (Diamond-like Carbon) piston pin, and breathes through a 44mm Mikuni® throttle body. Together, these updates give the rider an ideal balance of 450cc class power with exceptional control and response.

The wide-ratio transmission and clutch have been overhauled for a more direct connection as well as enhanced durability with a lighter clutch pull. Revised gears, along with an optimized clutch that features a redesigned outer pressure plate, combine to boost controllability and durability.

The YZ450FX radiators and exhaust have also been modified for improved performance and weight distribution. The updated radiators feature a larger core size and are angled more directly into the incoming air stream for improved cooling under the most demanding cross-country race conditions. The innovative wraparound exhaust pipe design improves mass concentration and power development, with revised geometry for 2019. The new layout moves the rear end of the exhaust pipe farther forward and enables a muffler position closer to the bike’s center of mass.

New Frame and Optimized Ergonomics

The all-new compact bilateral beam frame of the YZ450FX further refines its instinctive handling. Redesigned upper frame bracing, rear frame spars and all new engine mounts centralize mass and increase rigidity on lateral, horizontal and vertical axis to provide an ideal balance between cornering feel and straight-line rigidity. Simply said, the new frame was designed to improve contact to the ground and provide the best possible balance of stiffness for bump, rock and root absorption, as well as effortless cornering.

Surrounding this fully redesigned chassis, the 2019 YZ450FX features a new lighter, compact body from tip to tail including a larger, mass-centralized fuel tank. The radiator shrouds incorporate a new air duct with a concave shape that not only improves styling, but is also narrower for better knee grip and overall rider movement. To further aid rider movement and comfort, the seat height has been reduced and the aluminum tapered handlebars are four-way adjustable.

Industry Leading KYB® Coil Spring Suspension with new Settings

The industry-leading, fully adjustable KYB®, SSS coil spring-type forks with speed sensitive damping receive updated valving, larger pistons and newly designed fork lugs/axle brackets to provide an improved feeling of traction and an exceptional balance between handling and bump absorption for race-winning performance. The KYB® shock also features reworked valving specs and damping characteristics to improve traction feel in and out of corners. Both ends are optimized for Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) and Hare Scrambles racing.

Cross Country Specific Features

In addition to the Wide-Ratio transmission and specifically tuned suspension, the 2019 YZ450FX features a larger capacity fuel tank, newly designed composite skid-plate, redesigned aluminum side-stand, an 18-inch rear wheel, sealed O-Ring chain and special ECU settings to maximize performance, rideability, and reliability in grueling Cross-Country conditions.

2019 YZ250FX

The YZ250FX returns for 2019 with its powerful yet easy-to-use engine, simple electric starting, rearward-slanted cylinder design with rear exhaust and forward mounted downdraft intake system for strong, easy to access power that is optimized for cross-country racing. Its bilateral beam aluminum frame provides a nimble lightweight feeling in tight technical terrain, while still providing confidence-inspiring stability in fast sections and Yamaha’s industry leading KYB® coil spring suspension provides comfort and performance in any off-road condition.

2019 YZ250X

Yamaha’s 2019 YZ250X brings two-stroke performance to cross country racing. Its lightweight aluminum frame and proven reed-valve inducted engine is race-ready. Based on the YZ250 motocross model, the YZ250X features a revised compression ratio, revised exhaust port, revised power valve timing, and model specific CDI unit for improved trail performance. All these features are focused on creating a wide, controllable power character ideal for cross country racing.