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Rack ‘N’ Roll Bike Carrier

We take a look at the bike carrier from Australian company, Rack 'N' Roll.

When it comes to transporting dirtbikes most people go for a ute, van or trailer. They are the three go-to options; however, there is another worth considering.

Queensland based company, Rack ‘N’ Roll make heavy-duty dirtbike carriers that mount to a standard hitch receiver. We got our hands on one to try it out for ourselves.

It’s a well-built piece of kit. We put it together in about an hour and it slid straight onto the back of the ADB Toyota Hilux. To see how sturdy it is we loaded the Yamaha WR450F. Instead of tiedown straps, the Rack ‘N’ Roll Bike Carrier uses turnbuckles, snap hooks and shackles to secure the bike. They are very effective at pulling the bike down to minimise moment.

Stay tuned for a full product evaluation coming soon.