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Video: ADB’s Qld Moto Odyssey

Part 1: Brisbane to Gladstone via Fraser Island

ADB’s Qld Moto Odyssey

If you’ve been reading ADB for the last two months or following us on social and digital media you’d be aware of our adventure in the Sunshine State. Our mission was to ride all over the coast of Qld with our reader’s on their favourite trails. With only five days up our sleeve we had a good crack and got as far north as Cairns.

We managed to capture some of the action from the trip and put together a short video in case you missed the articles in the mag. This is Part 1 of the trip from Brisbane to Gladstone.

Part 2 will be released soon and has even more action including drone footage, wake surfing, and a trip out to the Great Barrier Reef (in a Mankini), plus all the usual riding action and a review on the Land Cruiser and Yamaha’s.

Video: Jane E Motion

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