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Back End | Kids' Corner

Back End / Kids' Corner
21 November 2022


The 2022 Yamaha YZ65 could be the perfect bike for your child!

Back End / Kids' Corner
28 October 2022


Registrations now open for the Australian Supercross YZ65 Cup.

Back End / Kids' Corner
30 October 2017

2017 Australian Junior Motocross Championships Gallery

Did ADB's Dylan Ruddy photograph your young child at the 2017 Australian Junior Motocross Championships? Check out the full event wrap in ADB issue #459.

29 June 2017

Rossiter Earns Ticket to Loretta Lynn’s

Rafael Rossiter may not be a name that rings bells but the Queanbeyan six-year-old is heading to the U.S. to compete in one of the world’s biggest amateur motocross events.

Back End / Kids' Corner
01 May 2017

Torrot E12

I did a three week test on the Torrot E12 with my 6 year old son who currently rides a noisy and smoky KTM 50 mini which he loves.

Back End / Kids' Corner
18 December 2016

YCF 50E: Test

Less moving parts, less maintenance and less weight. Electric minibikes have their place and the youngsters aren't complaining.

Back End / Kids' Corner
26 August 2016

Trials 2

Play Trials 2 Dirt Bike Game

Back End / Kids' Corner
22 August 2016

Bike Rivals

Play Bike Rivals Dirt Bike Game

Back End / Kids' Corner
26 July 2016

Miniclip Free Bike

Play Miniclip Free Bike Dirt Bike Game

Back End / Kids' Corner
26 June 2016

Motocross Country Fever

Play Motocross Country Fever Dirt Bike Game