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NEW PRODUCT: 6D ATR-2 | Features | News

Introducing the all new ATR-2; the next level in brain protection. The 6D ATR-2 is the most advanced energy management device ever manufactured for off-road.

6D changed the helmet industry forever in 2013 with the introduction of the revolutionary ATR-1 off-road motorcycle helmet with its patented Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) technology. The exceptional 6D ATR-1 revolutionized helmet design and kicked-off a technology race to improve helmet safety performance.

Infused with the exceptional DNA of the original ODS technology, but evolved to a whole new level with high-tech materials and design influenced by our work inside the NFL’s Head Health Challenge III competition.

What’s different, and why is it important?
The ATR-2 with advanced ODS is evolved to provide improved performance in both linear and angular acceleration mitigation, and is also easily rebuildable for a potentially longer service life. This improves rider safety and saves the consumer money.

The new advanced ODS system was heavily influenced by the work completed inside the NFL’s Head Health Challenge III competition. The result is a radically evolved ODS system that once again raises the bar for safety.

Helmet Features
– Rebuildable*
– Advanced ODS system with increased travel and replaceable innerEPS liner
– Multi-impact outer EPPliner (incorporates progressive damping towers and low friction disks)
– Superior low, mid, and high velocity impact mitigation
– Emergency quick-release cheek pads, removable washable comfort liner
– PU over-molded EPP lined chin bar includes 6D exclusivesternum pad
– Shear-away visor screws
– Titanium D-rings
– Lighter overall weight +/- 1480 grams/ 3.26 lbs. (Size M)
– Exceeds DOT, ECE, AC and ASTM Standards
– 3-Year Limited Warranty

6D ATR-2

The inner EPS liner is the first layer of defense and a very important component of the new advanced ODS design. It is effectively a helmet within a helmet. It has its own in-molded PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) shell that serves many functions. It nests into the ODS carrier, provides strength and integrity to the EPS, and serves as a slippery surface to aide in reducing angular acceleration forces. The EPS is of a softer density than the EPP and is secured into the helmet with 4 locking pins that mate to the ODS carrier. It is also captured by the Chin Bar EPP which provides additional security.

MULTI-IMPACT OUTER EPP (Expanded Poly Propylene) LINER:
6D strategically positioned the multi-impact EPP outer liner against the helmet shell’s inner surface. An exceptional energy absorption material, the EPP was specifically engineered with islands of EPP “Damping Towers” to assist in progressive loading of the ODS system during impacts. The multi-impact capability of the EPP is one of the key elements that allows the rebuilding* of the ATR-2 after a moderate to severe impact.

Multiple smooth disks top the damping towers to reduce friction under loading thereby assisting in angular acceleration mitigation.

The ODS carrier allowed the development of a modular helmet design that is easily rebuildable. The carrier also supports the isolation dampers and helps to manage the system materials during impact, compression, and shearing loads. ODS self-re-centers post impact.

Safety improving features:
Two new safety elements have been engineered into the new ATR-2. The first, a structural “Brow Rib” provides incremental strength to the upper eyeport area providing additional integrity to the shell nearest the eyeport opening. Additionally, a strategically designed Cervical Protection Zone nests inside the lower rear base of the helmet. This area is designed to provide a more compliant crushable zone in the event the helmet is pushed down and back into the neck and spine during an accident.

6D Helmet

The 6D concept of ‘Optimized Shell Design’ does not define one element, but a system where multiple materials work together, in concert, to provide greater protection and energy management with 6D’s proprietary shell layup and the material matrix within. The shell is critical to the protection value of any helmet. The shell needs to have the structural integrity to prevent penetration failure during certification testing and racing activities, but it should not be overly stiff or rigid either, as that seriously compromises the helmet’s energy management potential. Through exhaustive experimentation and testing, the proprietary 6D Tri-Composite shell is the perfect match to the advanced ODS system.

ATR-2 vs. ATR-1:
The new ATR-2 with advanced ODS provides improvements in performance compared to the ATR-1 across a high percentage of impact scenarios and injury metrics. Increased displacement travel of the inner liner, improved material compositions, and the advanced ODS system result in improved energy mitigation at low, mid, and high velocity accelerations for both linear and angular accelerations.

Available now!
RRP: $849