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Andalucia Rally Stage Podium for SHERCO TVS RALLY TEAM | News

The first day of racing and the SHERCO TVS RALLY TEAM has a podium position in the Andalucia Rally with the third place of Lorenzo Santolino.

Lorenzo Santolino set off at a strong pace that he was able to maintain throughout the day. He is riding with a lot of confidence, he finished in third place, 00:03:19 behind leader Kevin Benavides. A promising start to the Andalusia Rally which confirms Lorenzo’s good form and the performance of the Sherco 450 RTR.

Rui Gonzalves, also started at a good pace and then made a few errors, between navigation and neutralized zones he finished in 21st place at +00:22:17

Learning to race Rally takes time and the shortened season is not to his advantage. This first race should allow him to familiarize himself with navigation and the specifics of the discipline before the big deadline of the Dakar.

Harith Noah encountered some difficulties with a fall which cost him time which placed him in 26th position at +01:14:39

David CASTEU, Sherco Team Manager: “The new Sherco team is efficient and responsive, cohesion is strong within the team and between our three riders

“I am proud of the results of the day, Lorenzo put an impressive return at the competition with this third place. Rui and Harith were not unworthy and they were able to find solutions to the difficulties that the Rally can bring. It’s experience and it’s positive for the future.

“Our riders still need more experience, but they proved that they are capable of shining at the highest level of competition. The best is yet to come!”