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Ballzapallooza 4 : Team All Ballz Hard Enduro Badassery | Latest

These maniacs sacrifice body and bike in their attempts to conquer the Ballzapallooza Extreme Enduro - It's nuts!

Crafted around a campfire, Ballzapallooza is the pinnacle of calling out your riding buddies. Maybe it’s hard enduro, maybe it’s extreme enduro, all we know is it’s certainly ALL BALLZ.

Ballzapallooza is geared toward spectators. Everyone rides to the sections together as a group, competitors attempt terrain one at a time and then the entire group rides on to the next challenge. A lot of thrills and plenty of spills! Jay Novero is the Ballz 1 and 2 winner and Haydn Franklin is the Ballz 3 champ! Watch the video to see who won this year.

The weather forecast was not looking good, those who said screw it were treated to a great day of spectating. The rain held off, the breeze came in and we had a kick ass good time.

If you’re wondering, yes, there was a motorcycle being held together with duct tape. Chad broke his bars on Widow Maker (Meat Crotch). James sustained a fibula fracture while jumping into section 4. The KDX 200 did not make it the entire day (maybe by choice).

Overall the event kicked ass. The spectators were full throttle the entire day. It was the textbook definition of beer drinking and bench racing. The riders were motivated to put on a show. The shit talking commenced from the start of the stop watch. Who knows what next year holds, just pay attention to the internet for details.