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BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Central Asia 2018 – live and interactive | News

The Central Asia edition of the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy is now just days away.

The 54 finalists, riding in 18 international teams, have been issued their GS-specific rider equipment – customized with their names, national flags and Int. GS Trophy 2018 insignia and will soon be boarding their international flights to the venue, ready for the ride of their life.

For those not lucky enough to be competing, BMW Motorrad has devised a full range of multi-media coverage of the event so that GS fans from all over the world will be able to read about, watch and even participate (through a photographic competition) in the event.

Int. GS Trophy photo contest.

The interactive photo contest was debuted in the 2010 event and proved so popular, with over 20,000 community members voting, that it has become a permanent fixture of the event. So, on days two (June 4) and five (June 7) of the Int. GS Trophy 2018 the teams themselves will be photographing all aspects of their adventure. The subject matter for the competition is entirely open, it might be an action shot of team-mates, or a spectacular landscape, maybe a unique aspect of local life. Each team will then submit their best photo at the end of both days, to be posted on the GS Trophy website as well as while the voting will be accessed through

As before, the photos are posted without credit, so the fans will vote for the best photo, not their favourite team. But as in previous years, we can expect the teams to reveal their identities one way or another…

Note that the time for voting will be limited to just 24 hours on each occasion as the results will need to be fed back into the competition and to accord with the time difference between Munich and Mongolia:

Photo competition 1
Voting opens June 4, 23:59 Mongolian Time (17:59 CEST)
Voting closes June 5, 23:59 Mongolian time (17:59 CEST)
The results of the vote will be announced in the evening of June 6.

Photo competition 2
Voting opens June 7, 23:59 Mongolian time (17:59 CEST)
Voting closes June 8, 23:59 Mongolian time (17:59 CEST)

The results of the vote will be announced in the evening of June 9. The teams will be awarded points toward their overall competition score in accordance with their performance in the votes.

More ways to follow the GS Trophy.
Through BMW Motorrad has created an internet destination where GS fans will be able to find all the background information that they could want on the event and its participants (past and present). The site will be updated each day with a review of the action by way of words, images and video clips.