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Brierley takes the lead in AORC Cross Country race | Latest

It was the usual suspects who rose to the occasion today to claim victory at Rounds 9 & 10 of the 2016 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championships at Monkerai, New South Wales this weekend.

Championship J4:

Zak Mitten yet again proved his strength in the Championship J4 class and was victorious in taking home first place in the Cross Country Race on a difficult and technical track compared to previous Cross Country race at Hedley a few weeks back.

With both the Mitten brother’s out on track looking for glory it was Zane Temperley who threw in a challenge walking away with second position, while Tom Mitten just couldn’t quite keep on the pace to finish in third.

It was Will Price and Jordan Ryan who wrapped up Round 9 finishing in fourth and fifth place respectively.

Championship J3:

With the clash of the brother’s occurring again this time it was Joshua and Mitchell Brierley who were looking to finish 1,2 but Corey Hammond had other plans.

Joshua Brierley rode to the finish taking out both the outright win and the J3 class win securing more championship points on the board for himself. Corey Hammond managed to sneak his way in to second position which he held, to come across the finish line taking a podium place.

Mitchell Brierley remained in third crossing the finish line taking the final step on the podium for the Championship J3 class. Tully O’Niell and Jye Bennett both managing fourth and fifth place.

Championship J2:

Ashden Gramlick proved he was the one to beat today with a perfect performance which saw the stand out rider finish on the top step of the podium for their second Cross Country race of the year.

It was only just a fraction of time before Samuel Noonan made his presence known crossing the finish line in second while Mathew Pye rounded out the day in third.

Current Round 9 standings by class:

Championship J4:

1.Zak Mitten – 2:09:30.136
2.Zane Temperley – 2:15:24.767
3.Tom Mitten – 2:16:34.103
4.Will Price – 2:10:43.796
5.Jordan Ryan – 2:15:59.158
6.Ryan Marshall – 2:09:08.104
7.Lucas Asher – 2:15:23.175

Championship J3:

1.Joshua Brierley – 2:07:49.696
2.Corey Hammond – 2:09:32.331
3.Mitchell Brierley – 2:13:19.460
4.Tully O’Niel – 2:11:43.690
5.Jye Bennett – 2:12:49.639
6.Riley Nancarrow – 2:07:53.723
7.Dylan Rose – 2:17:40.394
8.Mitch Champman – 2:14:38.997
9Patrick Dyett – 2:21:31.373

Championship J2:

1.Ashden Gramlick – 2:10:17.891
2.Samuel Noonan – 2:10:36.419
3.Mathew Pye – 2:10:36.559
4.Ned Chapman – 2:18:35.715
5.Connor Gee – 2:11:03.567
6.Brad Murray – 2:16:42.299
7.Kyle Marshall – 2:07:18.480
8.Lachlan Weale – 2:07:34.492
9.Mackenzie Johnson – 2:07:52.948
10.Jasper Franklin – 2:09:52.081