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Cooper Webb crowned 250MX Champion | Latest

Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha's Cooper Webb secured the 2016 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross 250MX Championship at Budds Creek.

In Moto 1 straight out of the gate it was Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider Adam Cianciarulo who took the holeshot and the early lead with Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha rider Alex Martin was close behind.

Unfortunately for Yamalube Star Racing Yamaha Cooper Webb, Webb got involved in a first turn crash then would fall again in the first lap coming through a corner. At the end of the first lap Webb would find himself in the 26th position.

Putting in fast lap times, Webb was moving through traffic and nine minutes in he found himself in 16th position, already 10 spots further than his position after the opening lap.

After leading half the moto, Cianciarulo tipped over in a berm, costing him the first position and opening the window for A. Martin to take over as the moto leader.

With eight minutes left in the moto, Cianciarulo worked hard to catch A. Martin and win his first career moto in the 250 Class.

At the six-minute mark on the clock, Webb was in 9th position and clocking the fastest times on the track. Charging hard and focused on points, Webb picked off riders and moved through the pack to eventually finish sixth.

A. Martin’s 1st place finish on the moto (his second of the year) made for a tighter points race overall with high stakes on the line for moto 2.

Finishing the moto just behind A. Martin was Cianciarulo in second and Savatgy rounding out the podium in third.

In Moto 2 Cianciarulo’s second holeshot of the day, setting himself up for another great moto. Right behind Cianciarulo was his teammates Joey Savatgy and Austin Forkner.

At the 5-minute mark, Webb was sitting in 7th after a bad start — with A. Martin and Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki Christopher Alldredge on either side, Webb was pinched out of holeshot contention and forced him to the back.

Cianciarulo and Forkner were out front and battling 10 minutes into the Moto until Forkner found an inside line up and over a hill to give him position to overtake Cianciarulo for the lead. However, Cianciarulo wasn’t going to give it to the rookie that easy. The two would exchange positioning another two times to keep the rookie Forkner back out in front.

Coming up on the front-runners was Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Zac Osborne. Ultimately finding a line to pass Cianciarulo for second, Osborne made quick work to mix up the front. For Cianciarulo, though, the day was still open for major success if he can hold on for an overall win if he can hold on while A. Martin was back in seventh.

At 13-minute mark, Osborne passed Forkner after coming in contact following a huge move from inside to outside to take the lead. After mechanical issues in the last three nationals, it was clear he came ready to race today.

At 10-minute mark, Webb and took over fifth place then moved into fourth and with two laps remaining had moved into third.

With 1 lap to go, Osborne was in first position, followed by Forkner, Webb and A. Martin.

Driving to his first-ever moto win and the overall win on the day, Osborne held position and crossed the checkered flag first. Ten years after his career started, Osborne earned his personal best result at Budds Creek.


Zach Osborne (4-1)
Alex Martin (1-4)
Austin Forkner (5-2)
Adam Cianciarulo (2-5)
Cooper Webb (6-3)
Aaron Plessinger (8-6)
Justin Hill (10-7)
Mitchell Oldenburg (11-10)
Joey Savatgy (3-34)
Christopher Alldredge (12-11)


Cooper Webb, 457
Alex Martin, -73
Joey Savatgy, -96
Austin Forkner, -126
Jeremy Martin, -136
Aaron Plessinger, -144
Zach Osborne, -161
Adam Cianciarulo, -222
Mitchel Oldenburg, -242
Arnaud Tonus, -244