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Let Santa bring toys. If you’d rather give a genuine, fully-fledged, purebred race machine, leave a KTM Sportminicycle under the Christmas tree and give the gift of racing.

Only another racer knows that a race bike is so much more than two wheels and an engine – it’s a ticket to experiences, learning and friendships that will last a lifetime, and Christmas is your chance to pay forward the gift of racing to the next generation.

In the racing world the closest thing to a screen is a goggle lens – it’s a world of fresh air and flying mud where intrinsic highs and lows teach sportsmanship and grow the kind of character that can face adversity as adults and keep on pushing. There’s a reason racers tend to exude that cheeky optimism and spark that expects the best in life and keeps striving to make it happen.

Then there’s the family time, in the pits or spent working on bikes in the garage – it’s the kind of quality time that’s becoming a rare and precious thing.

With KTM’s range of Sportminicycles, you’re never too young to learn, starting with the 50 SX Mini – a true scaled-down KTM built tough with quality components that’s the perfect stepping stone into the sport.

Incorporating an automatic clutch ideal for novice riders, the 50 SX Mini delivers steady, controllable power and features a top-shelf WP fork, fully adjustable rear suspension and ultra cool graphics
After that there’s a cutting edge piece of KTM hardware for every little tacker, all the way from 65 SX, 85 SX Small Wheel and 85 SX Big Wheel and up into seniors.

Best of all, right now you can get $300 off a MY2016 50 SX Mini, 50 SX and 65 SX and $500 off a MY2016 85 SX.