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Adventure Riding Skills Part 2 – Bermed Sand Corners | How To

Stephen Gall shows us the technique for tackling bermed sand corners on an adventure bike.

Heavy adventure bikes need to flow through sand corners and the standing position is a better way to do this. This way the rider can more easily adapt to the changing conditions. Trying to corner tightly will only have the front wheel digging in or plowing, usually resulting in a fall. So sweeping into any corner will help move the larger adventure bike around the curve.

In this example, the sandy corner is entered in third gear in the standing position, looking ahead two to four bike lengths with my body weight centrally positioned. When entering a sand corner, wash off unwanted speed in a straight line or as close to it as possible before entering the corner.

Bermed Sand Corner

Helping to transfer weight off the front tyre and applying the throttle at the start of the turn is extremely important to prevent the front wheel from digging in. My weight distribution appears to be even but I am pushing into the outside footpeg while pulling up on the inside grip for a counter-weighting effect. Stephen Gall

Bermed Sand Corner