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Kawasaki KX250F: Long Term Update #3 | Back End | Bike Reviews

The KX250F has received a full makeover this month with a custom sticker kit from Kustom MX Graphics. The guys at Kustom MX really nailed it and made the KX really stand out.

The graphics were easy to put on and made the KX look like a factory weapon. When it comes to custom graphics that last you can’t go past Kustom MX. Their laminated graphics are strong and durable and their designs are unique.

To go along with the new graphics kit, Topline Upholstery made a custom pleated seatcover to match. The pleats give you extra grip on the seat so you don’t need to squeeze the seat so tightly with your legs.

They especially come in handy for starts, when you need to keep your weight forward on the seat. The material Topline uses is grippy and durable as well as being easy to fit.

This month I also adapted a header pipe from a 2011 KX250F to fit. The 2017 header has a very tight bend as well as a power bomb to reduce noise so it is highly restrictive. Fitting the 2011 header allowed the engine to breathe better. It revs up more quickly and pulls through the rev range more strongly. It’s a relatively simple job to adapt the 2011 header pipe to fit. Check out Fix of the Month for an in-depth description on how it’s done.

I’ve also fitted a set of Bridgestone Battlecross tyres. On the front I fitted a Battlecross X20, which is a soft terrain tyre. This tyre works really well and I have paired it with a Battlecross X30 on the rear. The X30 is a mid-terrain tyre which hooks up really well but doesn’t wear as quickly as a soft-terrain one.

The KX was due for a lube job so it got a full oil and filter change with a genuine oil filter and Kawasaki Performance Oils. I have been using the Kawasaki Oils for the first time over the last couple of months and I’m impressed with them. The chain oil is super sticky and works great.

As I write this I am still on a high from spending the day cutting motos at Lakes Motorcycle Club all day. The KX worked really well and I am happy with how strong the motor is, especially since changing the header pipe, which has allowed the motor to breathe better. The bike handles really well and is super easy to throw into ruts.

This month I’m going to re-valve the suspension to get a smoother, more progressive stroke and once I unplug the silencer I will contemplate changing the gearing.
Technical Editor Mat Boyd

MODS THIS MONTH: Kustom MX graphics kit, Topline seatcover, 2011 KX250F header, Bridgestone tyres
MODS NEXT MONTH: Revalve suspension, open up exhaust silencer.

This long term update appeared in ADB Issue #448 – January 2017