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ADB's Sub Editor Warren Jack picked up a set of Bridgedale Stormsocks to keep his feet dry while he rides. Here's what he thinks of them so far.

If there’s one thing that gives me the irrits more than flat tyres it’s wet feet on my Suzuki DR650, especially on cold days. If you’re serious about your trail riding you are going to be crossing creeks, rivers and mud holes and at some point you’ll have your feet in the water longer than desirable when extracting your own or a mates’ bike. The Bridgedale Stormsocks are what you need for just such a situation.

The first thing I noticed when putting them on one cold morning was how much warmer my feet felt straight away. We haven’t had any rain in my area for quite a while now so when I went test riding I didn’t find much in the way of deep water crossings. Not a problem though, in the interests of science and keeping you ADB readers well informed I stood in a basin of cold water for several minutes when I got home to really try these socks out. They worked and they worked bloody well too, when I took them off my feet were as dry as a Mormons bar fridge.

The claims on the label of being 100% waterproof as well as windproof and breathable seem to hold up. The Bridgedale Stormsocks feature three layers, an inner merino liner, then a “Hydrotech” membrane and a nylon outer layer but they feel no thicker than a decent set of normal socks.


Warm dry feet, what’s not to like about that? I’m at an age now that I appreciate my creature comforts and no longer feel a need to “rough it” to prove my machismo. The Stormsock is warm, comfortable and delivers on its promises.


Nothing really, I couldn’t fault these socks but if I had to offer any ideas it would be to make then just a bit longer to give some padding under knee braces for those of us who wear them.


What price comfort and warm dry feet? The Stormsock is a much better solution than footy socks then wrapping my feet in old shopping bags which was my answer to wet conditions in days of old. It remains to be seen how they smell after a hot summer ride although anything would be an improvement on those sweaty plastic bags.



Andy Strapz


$85 a pair in S, M, L and XL sizes



03 9786 3445

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