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The Kawasaki Elektrode becomes our first Kids’ Corner long term test bike. Here’s how it has been after a few months.

Last issue we tested the Kawasaki Elektrode. If you missed that yarn the Elektrode is designed and built by Kawasaki.

It runs a powerful 250 w in-wheel brushless electric motor (in other words hub-driven motor), has three selectable speed modes (low/mid/high) with a passcode so parents can lock it and a disc brake. It runs 16-inch pneumatic tyres and, a push bike seat, dirtbike handlebar, folding footpegs and an aluminium frame which houses the battery that can last up to 2.5 hours. But our favourite feature is that it is designed and built by Kawasaki in the same factory most of their dirtbikes come out of so it has proven incredibly reliable.

After my son Jaxon put over 100 hours on it in the first three months we spent testing it for the feature we thought we’d add it to our Kids Corner section as a long term test bike. We often get asked which one of these electric balance bikes to buy by parents with kids about the same age as Jax, who is four years old.

One of the perks to being the son of the Editor of ADB Magazine is that he gets to test a plethora of bikes. He has tested a handful of 12-inch and 16-inch electric balance bikes and while they’ve all had their strengths and weaknesses, none have stood out like the Elektrode. Not only is it the most sturdy and the fastest with the best brakes but it is incredibly reliable. In100 hours Jax has ploughed through three inner tubes, two sets of tyres and he’s made a mess of the buttons on the power screen. Everything else is perfect.

While we have the Elektrode in as a long term test bike we are going to upgrade the braking system as the cable is already flogged. Amazingly the pads are still okay. We will look to fit another cable system but with a quick adjuster on the top near the perch (like the Yamaha YZ one). We’re going to upgrade to a more durable set of tyres and see if we can fit heavy duty tubes. We’re also going to look at getting more off-road spec footpegs.

Keep plugged into the Kids Corner section to see our monthly updates on the Kawasaki Elektrode to see how long it lasts and what other consumables Jax can go through.

For the full feature, check out issue #532 of ADB.

Words and Photos | Mitch Lees