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SXS AND QUAD LAUNCH | SEGWAY | Bike Reviews | Features

Bernie visits the dark side, leaving two wheelers behind. Here’s what he thinks of the Segway quad and side-by-side range.

We were invited out to a demo day for the Segway launch of their new products. Set in a classic 600 acre bush block in Victoria, we were allowed to jump on various Quads and Side by Sides (SXS). Like any media launch, you have plenty of people keen to have a go and a variety of skill levels on offer. The dust was flying and the grins were evident all around, as Segway invited some celebrity guests like Shannon Nolls to raise their profile.


Not many of us are familiar with the brand, it’s a USA company founded in 1999, and came to prominence with their invention of an electric “balance scooter” or more correctly, a two wheeled, self-balancing personal transporter device. It’s for this device that you may know or remember the name Segway. In more recent years however, the company has been having a massive push globally to set themselves up as diversifying beyond scooters and personal transportation, and into the powersports industry.

Enter Segway Powersports. They have been producing Quads, SXS and now Sports SXS for a few years, with each reiteration improving upon the last. Segway is keen to expand their operation in Australia, not only in unit sales but in dealers and market penetration. They are committed and willing to help.


Segway produces 500cc and 570cc quad models with various levels of spec. Both sizes rode really well, are planted and handled well. All Segway models have 4×4 and diff locks. Performance wise they were fast and impressive.

I really thought the smaller model would be more to my liking, but after riding them both I would lean towards the larger size. It rode better and was more confidence inspiring. They will be selling for around $10-15k depending on model and spec.


Side by sides are booming sales wise. Farmers love them for their utility, load carrying ability and ease of getting around and it’s not hard to see why after driving them. They are like an oversized quad but less bike-like, more car-like, albeit all with left and drive. With doors as an option, most are open for ease of jumping in and out, have 1000cc power plants so clearly they’re not short on ponies.

They are far from silent or slow, they rumble and rock when you put the foot down, howling down those farm tracks with an impressive 100hp plus, on offer. They are brimming with technology and fancy Tesla like screens adorning the drivers’ area with all sorts of technical innovations from remote shutting off in case someone steals it, to music, navigation and real time data display.

Certainly, impressive to drive, it’s not hard to see why the SXS market is so popular, and Segway wants a piece of the action. They come in a range of models and sizes but all with the same motor from two seaters to four seaters in short and long wheelbases. Pricing starts around $20k-30k.


Sports SXS models are likewise a sought after hoon mobile. While they did not have one of these at the media launch, they were more than happy to show the impressive specification list. Sporting two litre motors with turbo, they pump out an impressive 235hp and feature long travel air suspension, paddle shift, and an extensive commander system on the screen with vehicle data, navigation etc.

These beasts are built to be tough, fast and extreme. Think a buggy to tackle the Finke track with. If that’s not enough they also have a hybrid model with 330hp and an electric drivetrain in conjunction with the two litre motor! The Super Villain as it’s called.

It was an impressive day of riding the new Segway products. They have a good range, and reiterated about after sales service and warranty claims. They want happy customers and are willing to take a no-nonsense approach when it comes to keeping their models going.

I for one was very impressed with the models I rode, and would recommend any would be purchaser to inspect the range they offer before slapping down cash on another manufacturer.