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Team Australia Takes out the TdN International Class | News

The FIM Trial des Nations (TdN) held in Baiona, Spain has been a huge success for the Australian team, as they took out the International Class and the Womens Team finished in eighth position.

The TdN is the most prestigious Trials event in the world and to claim a victory in this class is a substantial achievement.

In the International class, Australia has come out on top of thirteen competing nations. The Australian trio of Connor Hogan, Kyle Middleton and Christopher Bayles rode exceptionally well. As the event went on, each competitor stepped up to the plate to get the job done.

Australia was engaged in a close-fought contest that saw the Czech Republic team of Martin Matejicek, Marek Wunsch and Martin Kroustek lead after an unpenalised opening lap.

The Australian trio of Hogan, Middleton, and Bayles, held second at the halfway stage on five, two marks ahead of the United States.

Team Australia

As the Czech challenge crumbled on lap two, Daniel Blancgonnet, Bryan Roper and Pat Smage, steered the US into the lead but two maximums on section thirteen sealed their fate and they finished second, four marks behind Australia and five ahead of the Czech Republic. Australia took victory with a score of 16, ahead of rivals United States with 20.

Team manager Phil Whittle sharing; “Congratulations to the Men’s International team on placing first! All three men rode exceptionally well, each stepping up to the plate to get the job done. Couldn’t ask for a better result.”

The Australian Women’s Team performed admirably. They were faced with several challenges but they handled them extremely well. The sections were tough but they never let that worry them. Victory for the Womens class went to Spain. The Women’s Team will look to use the 2017 TdN as a building block to further a successful outing for Australia.

Team Australia

Phil Whittle congratulated the Women after a daring performance; “All three girls had exceptional rides throughout the day, when the team needed a good score one of the girls stepped it up to cover each other. Two full on laps, they handled it so well physically and mentally, we’re proud of our girls that’s for sure.”

Experienced TdN representative Kevin Zarczynski congratulated the team; “I’m extremely proud of our riders after many years of Team Australia putting in amazing efforts to take out the International Men’s Class of the TdN! It’s great to see the team achieve excellent results on the international stage. These riders have put in their own time and effort to achieve success. The Men’s and Womens Teams deserves all the plaudits after a successful TdN!”

Men’s Team:
Kyle Middleton
Connor Hogan
Christopher Bayles

Women’s Team:
Sofie Kraft
Sarah Chivers
Nicole Casey

Team Australia