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Wilson, Hutton and Grundy claimed sensational victories at Yamaha AORC on Sunday | Latest

As the Womens, Vets and Masters competed from the YZ450FX test gate it would be Wilson, Hutton and Grundy to come out on top for their respective classes.

As Round 6 at Miva has drawn to a close, a number of riders showed significant domination to go back to back.


The Women’s class is one the most followed classes in Yamaha AORC with some of the greatest female motorcycling talent in the nation. Yamaha riders would once again dominate the podium. Local rider of the region Jemma Wilson was successful in her mission to go back to back for the weekend. Her total time was a 49:57.035. As a local of the area, Wilson received a significant amount of support and was a popular winner. Her closest challenger was Emelie Karlsson with a lap time of 51:08.059. Sophie Coldicutt managed a respectable third position with an overall lap time of 51:08.378.

The Vets are a class reserved for 35 years and over and machines may be of any capacity. Victory for the Vets belonged to long time AORC competitor Kirk Hutton on a Yamaha with his total elapsed time of 47:17.996. Jason Pearce finished in second position, he had an accumulated time of 52:26:337. Russell French on his Yamaha had a solid result with third place and a total sprint time of 54:50:683.

The Masters class is reserved for riders 45 years and over and is often filled with legends of the sport. Derek Grundy once again took victory for the Masters class as part of the DSR Motul/Perelli Sherco Off Road Racing Team. The Sherco rider finished well ahead of his closest challenger in Ian Jenner on his KTM. Jenner accumulated an overall lap time of 52:14.498. Husqvarna mounted Craig Treasure fought his way to third place with his overall time of 53:00.591.

Provisional Results Womens
1. Jemma Wilson – 49:57.035
2. Emelie Karlsson – 51:08.059
3. Sophie Coldicutt – 51:08.378
4. Tegan Hall – 51:47.847
5. Tamara Gray – 53:52.604
6. Ebony Nielsen – 55:15.017
7. Ainsleigh Ross– 56:03.984
8. Naomi Carlson – 58:43.052
9. Kate Norman – 1:01:44.363

Provisional Results Vets
1. Kirk Hutton – 47:17.996
2. Jason Pearce – 52:26:337
3. Russell French – 54:50:683
4. Jim Kennedy – 55:02:430
5. Kyronne Treasure – 55:16:622
6. Bobby Ervin – 59:20:730
7. Trevot Duncan – 1:00:26:823
8. Daniel Siggs – 1:01:46:638

Provisional Results Masters
1. Derek Grundy (DSR Motul/Perelli Sherco Off Road Racing Team) – 51:51.785
2. Ian Jenner – 52:14.498
3. Craig Treasure – 53:00.591
4. Steve Sherwood – 54:33.486
5. Dave Thompson – 55:23.665
6. Michael Murry – 55:54.281
7. Shane Bukovinsky – 56:00.990
8. Mark Cram – 56:01.652
9. Darrin Strauch – 58:35:901
10.James Nielson – 58:53.474