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Yamaha YZ250X Long-Term test bike update #6 | Back End | Bike Reviews

Yamaha YZ250X long-term test bike update from ADB issue #441 - June 2016.

Total Hours: 15.3
Mods this month: Refit stock tank, Renthal 999 handlebar, Pirelli Mid-Softs, Holeshot Graphics number
Mods next month: All Pro Racing suspension, Holeshot graphics kit

It’s been a long time since I had a two-stroke in my possession and an even longer time since I had a Yamaha, so I was pretty excited when I found out I was to be piloting the YZ250X long-termer for a few months. The YZ hasn’t changed much over the years and the YZ-X is pretty much the same thing but it has always been a solid package.

I think it’s cool to see another manufacturer getting into the two-stroke off-road market and producing a bike specifically for the enduro scene. I received the bike with 12.2 hours on it and my initial impression was that it felt like a trail bike.

The GYTR 12.1-litre tank was too much for what I wanted to do so I threw the stocker back on and sat the big one up on the shelf ready for the Hattah Desert Race. From there, I removed the stock handlebar, fitted my trusty Renthal 999s, set my levers up and got comfortable with the ergos.

Before I hit up the trails, I also tossed the worn Motoz Hybrid rear and chucked on my favourite tyres, Pirelli Mid-Softs. I have been running the Mid-Soft 32 front and the Mid-Soft Enduro rear forever and they are awesome. They wear pretty decent and the front is the best out there in my opinion.

Lastly, I hit up my good mates Brett and Cam Kenny from Holeshot Graphics to make me up some plain race numbers. Those guys are awesome.

Now that I had my gear on it, I set off on my favorite tracks and I was quite surprised at how good it was. It’s so much fun. I thoroughly enjoy riding it. The power is nice and it feels like I can ride it all day and just have a blast.

There’s still room for improvement. The bike feels quite soft so I’ve been in touch with Jay Foreman from All Pro Racing and he is going to work his magic on the fork and shock. I am excited about riding the bike again once he gets some settings in there to suit my riding style.

Once Jay has done his work, I’ll move onto some more performance gear. I’ll be raiding the GYTR cupboard and putting on more trick parts.

And to accompany the trick GYTR parts, I’ll throw a full set of Holeshot graphics onto blue Polisport plastics. The guys up at Link International stock a bunch of impressive aftermarket gear so I’m going to see what I can source from their catalogue to turn this blue stinger into a race weapon.

Myles at Unifilter has hooked me up with some fresh dual-stage filters as well. Lastly, I hope to get my hands on some black wheels. I am pretty hard on wheels so it only makes sense to dress her up! Stay tuned for the makeover!

Enduro Editor Geoff Braico