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Kawasaki KX250F: Long Term Update #2 | Back End | Bike Reviews

This month I have been putting in some hours getting used to the KX250F. The smaller capacity has been tricky to get used to, especially when it comes to jumping.

You have to be 100 per cent committed into everything you do on this bike and can’t make any last-minute decisions.
On a 450 if you get into trouble or need a bit more power to get you over something you just turn the tap on a bit further, but the 250 requires much more thought.

Passing becomes much more calculated as you can’t just turn the throttle and go past someone and hitting the big jumps requires commitment and the right line selection a few corners beforehand.
This all just comes as part of the package when riding a 250, you can’t be lazy. You have to be on top of your game and you have to work the bike to get the most out of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say the KX is slow by any means, I’m just saying it requires a different style of riding to a 450 which is something I have had to adjust to, just like you have to riding a supersport after a superbike. The power of the KX is actually quite impressive when you get it singing up in the top end. It has an impressive power range that is quite satisfying for a 250.

This month I have fitted new springs to the suspension front and rear. I have fitted the harder genuine Kawasaki springs. Part number 44026-0213 for the front and 92145-1759 for the rear. The best part about using genuine springs is you know they are going to fit straight up and you won’t need spacers or collars to make it happen.

They bolt straight in and then you are ready to go. I have only fitted springs as I want to see what effect they have on the bike before I go into valving. The suspension works very well with just the springs fitted but after a few more rides I will change the valving when I am 100 per cent sure how I am going to make it better.

I have given the bike an oil change and also replaced the filter and been right over it with a spanner to give the bike its first service. The oil has been replaced with genuine oil and the filter has been replaced with a genuine Kawasaki oil filter.

It’s important not to skip the first service or to let it go any longer than five hours as, once the motor beds in, fine metal particles can be present in the oil and it needs to be removed so as to not cause damage. The spokes and fasteners can become loose and, if left unattended, they can fall out or break.

In coming days I should have a sticker kit turning up from Kustom MX so check back next month to see how it turns out.

Technical Editor Mat Boyd

Hours: 10
Mods This Month: Springs
Mods Next Month: Graphics kit

This long term update was published in ADB issue #447 – December 2016