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Pricing Confirmed For 2018 Gas Gas | Latest

Urban Moto Imports, the Australian distributor for Gas Gas motorcycles, has confirmed pricing for the 2018 Gas Gas enduro range expected to land in Australia late July to early August.

The first of the 2018 Gassers to arrive in Australia will be the ADR approved EC300, costing $12,290 and non-ADR XC300 costing $11,790.

Pricing has been confirmed for the EC250, $11,790 and XC250, $11,490, but an arrival date for these models has not been confirmed.

Urban Moto Imports will also import the E10 and E12 electric kids bikes from Torrot, the parent company of Gas Gas. The E10 will retail for $3,390 and the E12 for $3,790.

All prices are RRP.

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