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Ready to race in the toughest conditions and the most competitive events.

Betamotor presents the new 2023 Beta RR Racing range of bikes, complete with everything needed to transform the Enduro models into machines ready to race in the toughest conditions and the most competitive events.

The main new features of the 2-stroke and 4-stroke Racing My 2023 models is the introduction of the specially made KYB rear shock, and is finished off with new Racing graphics, with a number of different components, such as the handguards.

Racing pedigree

  • Quick release front axle with red anodised alloy release lever.
  • Reinforced handguards with a two-component material mould for even the toughest off-road use.
  • Metzeler tyres used by the official team riders in the EnduroGP championship.
  • CNC alloy footpegs with steel pins, featuring a large contact surface area.
  • Rear sprocket with anodised aluminium core and steel teeth by ZF Sprockets.
  • Dedicated blue racing seat with an anti-slip cover and built-in pouch.
  • Anodised black gear lever and rear brake pedal.
  • Gearbox oil filler cap, engine oil filler cap and oil filter cap anodised red aluminium.
  • Chain tensioners in red CNC alloy.
  • New Racing graphics and red and blue wheel decals.


KYB 48 mm AOS closed cartridge fork: on the front, the 2023 retains the closed cartridge fork by KYB which has been recalibrated to work in synergy with the new rear shock.

KYB C46 RCU Mono rear shock: fully customised by adjusting the external compression (both high and low speed) and rebound settings. There has been an improvement in the bikes set-up, both in racing use (for which the setting is intended) and in more amateur use, where there is an overall increase in ride comfort.

Traction Control – 4T Range

In addition to user-selectable electronic engine management maps, the RR Racing features the traction control function. The Traction Control function can be engaged at any time from the usual button on the control panel between the steering tube and the fuel tank with two control buttons and two separate indicator LEDs for the two functions.

2-stroke pre-mix

RR Racing 2T automatic oil mixers are removed for lightness and agility and must therefore be fuelled with oil/petrol pre-mix.
These bikes can still be fitted with an aftermarket oil mixer, available as an accessory from the Beta.

How much?

RR 125 2T Racing $13,495.00
RR 200 2T Racing $14,995.00
RR 250 2T Racing $15,495.00
RR 300 2T Racing $16,295.00
RR 350 4T Racing EFI $15,995.00
RR 390 4T Racing EFI $16,295.00
RR 430 4T Racing EFI $16,495.00
RR 480 4T Racing EFI $16,995.00

*Note Prices are RRP and do not include dealer Pre-Delivery or on road costs

The new 2023 Beta RR Racing range will be available January 2023.