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Ballard’s Tyre Changer Full Review | Back End | Features | News | Product Evaluations

Changing tyres is one of those jobs I’ll avoid at all costs because I’m useless at it.

I’d rather rebuild a top-end than change a set of tyres but then Editor, Mitch, had the bright idea of asking our mates at MX Store for the Ballard’s Tyre Changer and, sure enough, it was my job to try it out. Turns out this nifty device does, in fact, make changing tyres a lot easier and has made me hate the task just that little bit less.

We Rate

PIVOT ARM The double-pivot bead breaker bar, as GB likes to call it, should go down in history as one of man’s greatest inventions. It gives you the freedom to move the tyre around on the stand and press the bead in the perfect spot without having to adjust the bead breaker, speeding up the whole process.
CONSTRUCTION A tyre changing stand is going to cop a beating and this unit is up to the task. Its steel construction makes it super-tough and there are no plastic bits to break.
RIM LOCK They’ve thought of everything because the Ballard’s Tyre Changer has a little rim lock assist point to lever off. It makes it a piece of piss to pop the rim lock back in.
PEG POINTS There are holes in the legs of the tyre changer so you can peg it down. This is a great little feature, especially for tyre-changing periods at enduros (top).
VERSATILE The tyre changer can support wheels of 18 inches and up without needing to adjust a single thing.

Don’t Rate

STORAGE Once the tyre changer is fully assembled it isn’t the smallest piece of equipment in the world so if you’re already short on space in the garage it won’t help your situation. However, if you’re a bit clever you can store stuff inside it like air filters, oil bottles or Dale Johnson.
SHORT ARSE I’m a tall bastard so I wouldn’t mind if this tyre changer had longer legs. Longer legs would make it less stable but I’m confident the Ballard’s crew would figure something out.


The Ballard’s Tyre Changer isn’t going to change your tyres for you but it goes a long way to making the task a hell of a lot easier. It’s built tough so it’ll last forever and a day and, for only $129.95, it’s something every dirtbike rider would benefit from. Digital Ed Olly Malone

Price: $129.95
Phone: 1300 871 290