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Daintree Dreaming | The Redmond Files

THERE IS A place I know where the jungle dirtbike trails are loam. The overhead canopy of vegetation keeps in moisture.

Heavy mist punches thru an engine’s airbox like cold water down a dry throat. Dust is a distant memory. The coral trout are plentiful and perfect.

The Endeavour River flows full and fat, bringing nutrition to ensure the prawns are well feed and abundant.
This is the land where the jungle meets the ocean. Daintree. Standing atop Roaring Meg Falls you can hear the land pumping its burden of mountain water down to the coast.

You can feel the rush. Within this rainforest is one of Australia’s greatest trailrides. Fifteen metres either side of this trail can be found plants with characteristics dating back 110million years, never needing to change. I will tell you no more. Wugal Wugal.