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Features | The Redmond Files

Features / The Redmond Files
14 December 2017

Daintree Dreaming

THERE IS A place I know where the jungle dirtbike trails are loam. The overhead canopy of vegetation keeps in moisture.

Features / The Redmond Files
11 December 2017

Redmond's Tech Tip

SUNDEE MORNING. Ride @9.30. So at 7.30, Redmond slices off a few strips of pork belly and fries it in ultra-high-temp. pan. This renders out the fat and helps the cut stay crisp.

Features / The Redmond Files
09 December 2017

Day To Burn

TODAY I FIND myself with a day to burn in Central Qld. My normal modus operandi would be to conduct some research on the local beer taps and survey the purveyors of lunches on a counter.

Features / The Redmond Files
08 December 2017

Redline Redmond!

I WOKE UP excited at 4am … blinded by my own excitement is how I have been described on occasions by close friends.

Features / The Redmond Files
05 December 2017

Redmond's Rant: FIVE GRAND RACER

Question: What is faster than a GTHO, VK Group A HDT or a CV8 Monaro?

Features / The Redmond Files
04 December 2017

Redmond's Rant: GEN-Y PUSSIES!

I FIND MYSELF deliberately telling apprentices the wrong thing. Misinformation. Stuff ‘em! Gen-Y cry babies need a few scars and the occasional hair fire to harden them up.

Features / The Redmond Files
05 April 2017

Redmond Responds to Dungey vs Reed Controversy

ADB's social commentator, Redmond, has offered his opinion on the Chad Reed vs Ryan Dungey blue flag controversy.

Features / The Redmond Files
24 January 2017

How To Wash A Dirtbike

Redmond shows us the correct technique for washing your dirtbike.

Features / The Redmond Files
16 January 2017

Redmond Comes A Cropper

As I write this I am hurting. Last week I stacked my roadbike but today I got lit up hard off my KTM. Bent my 'bar. Limping. Sore ribs.

Features / The Redmond Files
14 December 2016

Redmond's tips for Ole Salt

Redmond has got some general life tips for the Ole Salt.

Features / The Redmond Files
07 October 2016

Redmond has the Solution

Like most social riders/racers I like to buy the best gear I can afford, which normally has me shopping one shelf below the middle.

Features / The Redmond Files
10 September 2016

The Wheel Bearing Conspiracy

No one despises wheel bearing maintenance more than Redmond.