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FIRST LOOK: 2018 Beta RR Racing | News

The 2018 Beta RR range, presented to the public in June, has now been beefed up with a Racing version.

These models are developed through the Beta Race division and are very similar to the bike that Enduro World Champion Steve Holcombe competes on. 2018 Racing models will be available in the 250 and 300 cc 2T (2-stroke) and 350, 390, 430 and 480 cc 4T (4-stroke) engine sizes.

With the influence of the official Team Beta Factory Enduro riders – reigning E3 world champion Steve Holcombe and reigning Italian champion Alex Salvini – numerous upgrades have been made to reduce weight and improve handling during the array of situations that the riders encounter in their championships.

In addition to the above, Racing versions benefit from the numerous technical improvements introduced on the standard bikes, improvements which have made them lighter, more streamlined and higher-performing than previous models.

2018 Beta RR Racing

Compared to the respective standard versions, the RR Racing My 2018 range stands out on account of:


Beta engineers have been hard at work developing the front and rear suspension settings. More specifically, they’ve introduced:

• 48 mm closed-cartridge Sachs fork with new, lighter, redesigned slider. The system is filled with latest-generation low-friction oil and calibrated to match the 2018 frame to perfection.

• Shock absorber with revised valving and calibration that improves the overall performance of the rear suspension in working with the new design of the frame.

• Black anodised triple clamp

• New Michelin tyres.


True to the racing spirit, the 2T range has no automatic mixer. (Oil Injection)

Unlike standard RR models, all of the 2T Racing Edition bikes run on premix. The Beta R&D department has listened to the riders’ demands for lighter weight bikes and deciding to remove this feature to minimize weight. A separate mixing system (Oil Injection) can easily be implemented on Racing models by purchasing the relevant kit in our accessory catalog.

Special components

The Racing range also includes these items that set the bike apart from the standard versions:

• Quick release front wheel pin: speeds up tyre changes, saving precious seconds in race situations.

• Vertigo hand guards: modern design, tough and “In-Mold” graphics.

• Black Ergal footrests: light and sturdy, with a broader contact patch, steel pegs to ensure maximum, long-lasting grip under all conditions.

• Rear sprocket with anodised aluminum core and steel teeth.

• Red Ergal chain tensioner blocks.

• Racing seat with pocket.

• Black anodized shift/brake levers.

• Transmission oil cap, engine oil cap and oil filter cap in red anodized aluminum.

• Special Racing graphics and rim decals.

2018 Beta RR Racing