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Glenn Kearney Talks Capacities | Features

Now that Glenn Kearney has stepped away from his racing position at Husqvarna we asked him for his opinion on the range of capacities available in the Husqvarna enduro line-up.

250 four-stroke
This is a great capacity for smaller stature riders, beginners or riders that just love to ring a bike’s neck. The advantages of the 250 become obvious when conditions get snotty and you need to manhandle the bike. The 250F excels in tight, technical terrain where quickly changing direction is made a lot easier on the small bike.

250 two-stroke
A great lightweight machine that is perfect for technical riding. It has enough torque to lug the machine up tricky rocky outcrops and gnarly hillclimbs. They produce an awesome note from the exhaust that always brings a smile to my face. The power-to-weight ratio of these machines makes them a blast to ride.

300 two-stroke
Similar to the 250 two-stroke with a bit more torque and a bit more power across the board. I love riding these things in a tall gear and finding so much traction in the technical climbs.


350 four-stroke
The perfect in-between bike. A good little bike that is a little easier on the rider than the bigger four-strokes. The beauty with the 350 is you can tractor it around or really get up it like a 250 and get it singing. Great in the tight stuff and grass track, with enough pull to not get left behind on the open fire trails.

450 four-stroke
An awesome bike for the everyday rider, plenty of punch and outright power. Good to point and shoot from corner to corner and great on the open trails. Again a bike than can be ridden in a tall gear and tractored up hills.

500 four-stroke
Probably my pick of the bunch for an all round trailbike. Plenty of grunt for the open stuff yet still so easier to run a tall gear and lug your way through the technical sections. The best machine for that guy that loves long high-speed wheelies.

For the full capacity comparison check out issue #447 of ADB Magazine.