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Jonte Reynders, the current E2-class AORC runner-up and A4DE Outright winner, will to enter his sixth season with Sherco or 2024.

After an exceptional year of competition, Team Motul Pirelli Sherco is thrilled to announce the renewal of superstar rider Jonte Reynders for the upcoming 2024 racing season. Coming off a string of stellar performances in 2023, Reynders, the current E2-class AORC runner-up and A4DE Outright winner, is poised to enter his sixth season with the team, fuelled by the desire to clinch the highly contested E2 class crown.

Despite narrowly missing out on the class championship by a mere 17 points, Jonte Reynders proudly reflects on his best season to date. Having won an impressive six out of ten E2 class victories and earning four outright wins amidst fierce competition and challenging race conditions.

Expressing gratitude for the support received from the team, sponsors, and fans, Jonte Reynders is eager to tackle the 2024 season with renewed vigour. The team will be armed with the latest-generation 2024 Sherco 300 SEF Factory featuring an all-new engine, providing an exciting platform for further development over the off-season.

Reynders commented, “I am thrilled to renew with Team Motul Pirelli Sherco for the upcoming racing season. The decision to continue this journey with such an incredible team was an easy one. We finished the year’s second half on a high note, and I’m genuinely excited to race the new Sherco 300 4-stroke in 2024. It’s a massive step forward on what was an already impressive platform, and I’m eager to put in the work, return to the racetrack, and build upon the momentum we’ve gained. With a super competitive package, we’re aiming high for 2024, and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.”

The 2024 racing season promises to be another thrilling one as Australia’s best enduro riders fight for supremacy; the 2024 AORC will follow the traditional double-header format, equating to a twelve-round championship over six weekends. The stage is set for an intense competition, and with the 2024 AORC dates now confirmed, Team Motul Pirelli Sherco eagerly awaits the challenges and battles that lie ahead:

2024 AORC Calendar

Rounds 1-2: March 2-3
Rounds 3-4: April 20-21
Rounds 5-6: May 18-19
Rounds 7-8: July 27-28
Rounds 9-10: August 24-25
Rounds 11-12: September 14-15

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